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Apps To Track Your Mood – Today seems to be paying more attention to mental health. Conditions like anxiety and depression are real and sufferers know it. Figuring out what triggers your mood swings can help you spot patterns and help you on your journey to action.

There is no better way to keep track of your feelings than with an app on your iPhone (or iPad). After all, your device is likely to be with you wherever you go. So, you can quickly and easily capture your feelings from anywhere, anytime.

Apps To Track Your Mood

If you want to give iPhone profile tracking a try, here are five of the best. Take a look, try one or all of them, and see if it helps you learn more about the way your brain works.

How To Build A Daily Mood Tracker

Daylio Journal is a great mood tracker that offers some great features. And you can record your feelings with a simple click. Choose your current mood from one of the preset options or customize it. Then see your stats for the number of consecutive days you track, and tab your monthly emotional rewards, achievements, and more.

The app provides a color-coded calendar so you can quickly see the mood for the day each day. Click on a day to see your list, along with any notes you’ve added.

You can also add activities that match your mood. This allows you to discover a pattern in what you do with your feelings.

Daylio Journal also has a target feature. So you can define goals with start dates, times, reminders, and notes.

Best Mood Tracker Apps Of 2022

For a mood tracking app that offers more with customization, activities, and goals, Daylio Journal is a winner.

Moodwell is similar to Daylio Journal in that you can add your current mood with a single click. Choose your mood, describe your mood, add activities, show the weather, and choose to add photos and notes.

Swipe up from the bottom of the home screen to review your watchlist, mood calendar, daily notes, mood count, and your weekly, monthly, and yearly moods.

You can add daily reminders, so you can remember to monitor your mood. Additionally, you can customize the positive and negative options along with the activity and weather options.

The 6 Best Apps To Track Your Mood

Moodwell offers a simple yet attractive interface, customizable options, and reminders, and makes tracking your mood as easy as it should be.

If you’re open to sharing your feelings, check out Moodtrack. This social log allows you to track as many feelings as you want. You can then review them by day, week, or month.

Write down how you feel and then add a note to go into more detail. You’ll see your profile listed at the bottom as well as your calendar at the top. You can click to go to the last day, week, month, three months, six months, or year.

Each mood you enter displays the time of day along with the date. This can help you see through the hardest and best moments of your day.

Bullet Journal Mood Trackers: The How & Why

Since Moodtrack is a social diary, you can see how other users are feeling. Then, leave a comment or follow someone who feels the same way as you.

If you like the idea of ​​connecting with people who may be feeling the same way you are or have similar issues, check out the Moodtrack Social Diary.

The best feature of these three emotion tracker apps for iPhone is that they offer you to record the feeling you are feeling with a simple touch. You can write notes if you like, but sometimes you just want to show how you feel without any extra work.

Already using a mood tracker and want to recommend it? Or is there another free mood tracker app for iPhone that you like that you would like to recommend? Leave a comment below! Sometimes you’re a week late on a big project, your train is delayed three days in a row, and you slept about three hours last night (between car alarms). So, when anxiety makes its presence felt in your day, you know

The 15 Best Mood Tracking Apps

Why? But other times, that tightness in your throat and that knot in your stomach seem to be coming from nowhere. This is why many people with anxiety find it helpful to keep a daily journal of their thoughts and feelings.

And the simple act of putting these thoughts down on paper (or a phone) can sometimes drain their energy and make them feel manageable. But journaling can also help you find (sometimes subtle) patterns in your reactions.

For example, does being busy at work worry you more than meeting visiting relatives? Or does the thought of getting drinks with a Tinder date send you into a spiral of negative thoughts that leave you longing for the simplicity of cleaning out your inbox?

No matter your situation, keeping track of your feelings can tell you about your thought patterns and influence your important concerns. Armed with this information, you’ll be able to dig deeper into why these triggers affect you so strongly—and prepare to deal with them more effectively.

Benefit Of Mood Trackers: Best Mood Tracking Apps Of 2021

But if rummaging through the big magazines isn’t your thing, don’t worry—there are a wide variety of vibes—and sway-tracking apps out there that make that process as easy as ordering a morning Frapp. Although they all accomplish the task of emotion tracking, they do so in slightly different ways. So read on to see some of our favorite apps and how they can make journaling more exciting.

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The 6 Best Mood Tracker Apps For Ios And Android

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Daylio Helps Track Your Mood And Organize Your Life [app Of The Week]

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Can MindCan Productivity gum help me write a screenplay? Theory… OFFER ALERT: Use code R29 at checkout for 15% off ASYSTEM. There’s been a lot of talk about productivity lately, whether peoby Jinnie LeeMillennials’ interest in self-care has helped fuel a whole new market for health and wellness-focused mobile apps. Last year, the top 10 meditation apps brought in $195 million, up 52% ​​from 2018. A newcomer to the self-care app market is Tangerine, an app that focuses on tracking habits and emotions with the goal of providing users with a way to organize their routines and achieve their personal goals.

According to Tangerine founder Pedro Marques, he and co-founder Rafael Cruzeiro have been building the app in their spare time for the past seven months.

Best Mood Tracker Apps For Android

“We found that, in general, people tend to feel better and happier when there is regular health, and there is organization. So creating an app that combined habit tracking with mood seemed like something that could work,” Marquess explained how they got started. “At the end of the day, we not only want to help people be more productive, but also aware, grateful, and understanding of their lives.”

Mood tracking apps are common on the App Store these days, with the growth of self-care apps. However, many apps focus on allowing users to record their feelings, often with a simple emoji. The app will gain some insights from the user’s emotional history over time. Tangerine, on the other hand, aims to better relate how someone’s daily life affects how they feel.

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