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Best Loyalty Program Apps – Loyalty apps are a great way for businesses to help customers save money while rewarding them. Loyalty apps have been tried and tested over the years to increase customer retention. And that’s why companies have massively joined the race to create their own loyalty applications.

For example, 65% of a brand’s business is likely to come from its existing members. Such statistics motivate companies to incorporate loyalty applications into their customer retention strategies.

Best Loyalty Program Apps

So we’re going to look at 9 of these brands and why their loyalty apps are the best loyalty apps of 2021.

Best Rewards Program On The Road

A loyalty card app is an app that allows businesses to run digital loyalty programs by allowing customers to earn points in a variety of ways, which can then be exchanged for rewards via a smartphone app.

Ensuring customer retention through loyalty campaigns consists of several parts that can be divided into three aspects:

Nike’s loyalty app goes beyond offering customers a loyalty program. It offers exclusive shopping privileges to members after registration and more. It’s a loyalty app within another app built for another specific purpose (you can sign up as a Nike Loyalty member in any of the 4 Nike apps).

Barnes & Nobles offers a paid loyalty program called the “VIP Program,” and the brand’s app integrates seamlessly to create the exclusive feel that members expect. For example, the app allows members to shop online before coming to the store to enable immediate pickup upon arrival.

Best Shopify Loyalty Program Apps [2022]

Amazon needs no introduction. The Amazon loyalty app is available on both Android and iOS. And it gives Prime members a seamless way to track and redeem rewards.

The Body Shop offers loyalty program members an iOS app that makes it easy to not only be part of a loyalty program, but also to make the shopping process easier. In addition, through the app, loyalty members can feel like they are part of something bigger because of the feature to redeem points for animal charities.

Sephora’s Beauty Insider loyalty app is known for its easy-to-use and engaging user interface, which is what makes it such a delight for members. Its integration with brand stores also adds value to the app beyond running a loyalty program.

There is one thing that is obvious about the loyalty app e.I.f and that is that it offers a relevant added value that is not only about points earned but makes most customers feel special and that is exclusivity. In addition to this, the app is easy to use even for beginners.

The Evolution Of The Starbucks Loyalty Program

PetSmart, like most of the loyalty apps on this list, offers users additional capabilities with their app beyond earning and redeeming points. And it even offers points redemption by allowing loyal members to donate their points to a charity through the app.

Domino’s offers innovative technology and innovation with its loyalty application. Using artificial intelligence pizza identification technology, the app can identify any type of pizza that the loyal member eats and reward them with points for doing so. Therefore, this app focuses not only on rewarding customers for using their product, but on the passion behind the product.

Starbucks introduced its mobile loyalty app at a time when running digital loyalty programs was unheard of and since then the app has established itself as a trailblazer. The Starbucks app offers customers more than a convenient way to earn and redeem points, but offers exclusive purchasing privileges to members, changing the value of the app to customers.

Loyalty card apps help brands run their loyalty programs digitally, increasing program flexibility, ease of use and reach. It also encourages customer engagement by allowing businesses to offer push or text notifications about special offers and more.

The 5 Best Loyalty Card Apps For E Commerce Businesses

The 9 best loyalty apps of 2021 on this list have proven to showcase unique ideas and bring some freshness to loyalty programs. start a loyalty program for your store? Looking for the best Shopify loyalty apps for your store?

It’s the same everywhere: give loyalty points, rewards, cashback and more to customers and expect them to come back to redeem their points and buy more.

However, a successful e-commerce loyalty program goes beyond awarding points and focuses more on improving the customer’s shopping experience.

And to implement it in your store, you need the best Shopify loyalty app that allows you to create an exciting shopping experience for customers, while building a solid foundation for customer retention.

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In this article, we’ve selected the best Shopify rewards apps and reviewed them to help you decide which loyalty app is right for your Shopify store.

Growave is an all-in-one marketing application that allows you to create attractive loyalty programs for your store. It allows you to create loyalty programs based on points and VIP levels where you can reward customers for taking any action that leads to conversion.

With Growave, you can collect customer reviews and display them on your website. Plus, like Stamped, it lets you encourage customers to submit reviews and add product photos to earn loyalty points.

It also includes a wish list, one-click social media logins, and a shoppable Instagram gallery widget that you can use to display your Instagram photos on store pages.

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In short, Growave is more than just a Shopify loyalty app, it’s a complete marketing app that you can use to improve your customer experience and drive more sales. You can read our Growave review to learn more.

Pricing and Plans: Growave’s pricing plans are designed to fit businesses of all sizes. It has 5 pricing plans which are as follows:

Growave offers a 14-day free trial on all plans, but with our Growave coupon you can get an extended 30-day free trial. is another reliable loyalty app for Shopify stores. It allows you to create attractive rewards programs to increase customer retention and generate more sales.

Top 5 Loyalty Platform Providers In 2022

Best of all, it lets you reward your customers with loyalty points or rewards for taking actions like sharing on social media, rating and reviewing products, shopping, and more. You can reward them with cool options like free shipping, discount percentage, gift cards, etc.

In short, Stamped allows you to create an attractive loyalty rewards program by giving you complete flexibility to choose reward options and the actions you want to reward.

Read our detailed review to learn more about its features and how it can be useful for your Shopify store.

Pricing and Plans: Stamped offers a free plan with up to 100 monthly orders. It has 3 premium pricing plans based on the number of orders which are as follows:

Great Examples Of Customer Loyalty

If your store exceeds the limit of 3500 monthly orders, you must request the customer rate according to the business plan.

AiTrillion is a smart e-commerce marketing platform, designed to help you perform all your marketing activities within a single platform. Its loyalty program app allows you to create different types of loyalty programs like points based, VIP level, product discount, percentage discounts and others to increase customer retention and generate more sales.

Its seamless integration with email marketing, web push notifications, smart popups and product reviews allows you to engage with your customers at every stage of their buying journey.

The best thing about AiTrillion’s loyalty program is that it allows you to reward customers for more than 18 actions, including sharing on social media, rating and reviewing products, shopping and more. You can also easily create custom discounts / vouchers / vouchers and referral campaigns.

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As a unique and super app, AiTrillion also has Shopify POS integration which makes it easy for you to manage customers and also assign/exchange their loyalty points to your offline stores.

Pricing and Plans: AiTrillion offers a 30-day free trial with over 12 marketing apps included. The paid plan starts at $49 per month and goes up to $199 per month.

If you just want to leverage your existing loyal customers to attract more customers, you can turn them into your brand ambassadors using ReferralCandy. It’s not like other loyalty apps on the list, but a great app that lets you get the most out of referral marketing and word of mouth marketing.

Once customers have successfully referred your store to their family or friends, you can reward them with cash incentives, personalized gifts or a percentage discount on their next purchase, it’s up to you. You can even reward the new customer with a similar benefit that encourages them to act immediately.

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ReferralCandy has one of the most advanced fraud detection systems that check self-referrals and automatically reject rewards. This saves time on manual checks and of course a lot of money too.

Pricing and Plans: ReferralCandy has a 30-day free trial and the premium plan starts at just $49 per month. is one of the top-rated Shopify loyalty apps that encourages repeat purchases and increases customer retention rates by creating attractive loyalty programs. It allows you to create loyalty programs based on points and levels.

It provides an intuitive, easy-to-use editor that lets you add banner images and logos without scrolling. You have complete control over making the desired changes to your loyalty program, managing your reward members and

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