Speech Therapy Apps For Aphasia

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Speech Therapy Apps For Aphasia – People affected by aphasia have problems with the four main ways we understand and use language, including reading, listening, speaking, typing or writing.

Aphasia can also affect the facial muscles making it difficult for people to speak and be understood.

Speech Therapy Apps For Aphasia

There are many programs available to help people develop language, comprehension, and AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) applications to help people communicate.

Amazing Apps For Speech Therapy

This AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) application allows you to say words and sentences by clicking words and pictures.

Discover our series of Don’t Kill Me training courses that focus on the lived experiences of people with disabilities including those who experience visual, auditory and physical barriers. In the course, you can learn first hand how technology can support those who face these barriers at work, during studies and in everyday life.

This app from Virtual Speech Center Inc. It costs $19.99 and is available for iOS and Android. The app was designed by a speech-language pathologist to help adults and children with speech-language disorders.

This app is designed to help people who struggle with remembering the names of everyday items. iName was developed by a linguist.

Best Aphasia Apps

Lexico Cognition is designed by talking to linguists. Its purpose is to help improve language comprehension, vocabulary building and cognitive and memory skills.

React2 is a speech and language application to support people with aphasia after a stroke or brain injury or for others with communication problems, or people suffering from dementia.

The app is designed to work on an individual basis, or if you are working with professionals. A speech pathologist can set tasks for people to complete at home.

This app is designed to give voice to people with aphasia. It allows users to take common words and phrases with them, and implement frequently used words. There is a dictionary of pictures and videos that, when you click on them, speak with a human voice.

Pdf) Patient Centred Design Of Aphasia Therapy Apps: A Scoping Review

The app comes with an initial set of so-called icons, but it is possible to expand these when used with Lingraphica’s speech processor.

Mind Time Pro is a cognitive skills training application. Designed for children by Harvard and Berkeley neuroscientists, the app consists of four different science games.

The aim of the games is to test – and improve – memory, logical thinking, flexibility, attention and immune control.

A range of products and services that can help you make technology accessible including consulting, design reviews, inspections and user testing.

Aphasia Therapy App

Call our toll free Helpline. Our friendly, professional staff will discuss any computer problem and do their best to find a solution. We are open Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm on 0800 269 545.

Arrange a home visit. We have a network of ITCanHelp volunteers who can help if you have technical problems with your computer system. They can come to your home, or help you over the phone.

We have a range of fact sheets that talk in detail about the technology that can help you, which can be downloaded for free. You can find our benefits about voice recognition and keyboard alternatives.

My way of Computer. A free interactive guide to all the accessibility features built into today’s computers, laptops, tablets and phones. Complexes help us process information, learn, remember and integrate new information. Without the ability to put things together, we struggle to make sense of the world. It is difficult to find the word we are looking for and understand how things are organized.

Word Retrieval App

Category Therapy is a professional speech therapy application that uses categories of categorization exercises to help people of all ages improve:

The Rehabilitation Center does not require any speech output, but it still stimulates the brain in ways that can help people speak, using their voice or AAC. This app is perfect for schools, hospitals and home use, with simple activities to challenge all ages and abilities.

Type Therapy has successfully developed four tasks with the adjustment of field size, refined levels, types of indicators, and above all, levels of difficulty that vary from concrete to abstract. By taking most of the preparation away from the clinician, more time can be devoted to helping the client process what is on the screen and provide feedback.

The Rehabilitation Center is a well-regarded program with a variety of benefits. It will take a long time before the content is finished for use by one customer, and the advanced settings of the app allow you to use it with different people, regardless of their cognitive abilities. That’s what makes Tactus Therapy apps go from good to great.

Reading Aphasia App

The Recovery Center is clean and easy to use for clients of all ages. There are real images and no background or distracting sounds. The power of email makes therapy easier because you can focus on explaining why different options were right or not and actually TEACH, instead of writing down the results. And I love the sound support!

I work on several types of therapy, and this is one of the mobile applications. The images are clear and the forms are difficult enough to challenge the average patient. It is very suitable for adults, not children like many applications. I have recommended this app many times for families to buy. It is good for independent work.

I like this app because it works not only to understand what the item is, but also allows you to work on naming it, adding it to a category, tagging an item that is not in a category, and adding more items to a category. You can approach groups from multiple angles and choose the level and groups to join. Great variety so students don’t get bored easily.

The Rehabilitation Center uses a simple approach that is suitable for children with language difficulties, multiple disabilities or ASD. I appreciate the customizable features that allow me to use the app with everyone from preschool to 5th grade on my school curriculum.

Apraxia Therapy App With Vast Video For Speech After Stroke Ios Android

All Tactus Therapy regimens are designed by a certified speech-language pathologist and are based on research and clinical best practices. Learn more about the credentials behind this app.

Download Category Therapy Lite for free on your iOS or Android device to sample the full version. The Lite version allows you to try all 4 functions with a limited selection of missions. The full version gives you 700 words in 70 categories for a powerful treatment tool.

Use the best Text Editor. Check out these tips from the linguist who developed this app!

This app works well for people with apraxia or severe aphasia to develop semantic skills in the absence of speech. Use it for a quick checkup or for treatment in the hospital or at home.

Solo Aphasia Speech Therapy Mobile App

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Download your aphasia toolbox with 4 of our professional tools together for an amazing price with this iOS app bundle.

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Research shows that using this app for 20 minutes a day for 4 weeks can improve chronic aphasia. Add your words and images, or use hundreds

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