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Quickbooks Apps For Ipad – Your online user experience has improved with the release of a faster iPad app. You can access QuickBooks Online financial information on the go from your iPad, helping you provide your customers with a better customer service experience.

After logging in, the first thing you see is the Company Activity screen. You can think of a home screen. This screen summarizes your recent transactions, including payments, invoices, estimates, payments, changes to your company profile, and more.

Quickbooks Apps For Ipad

From this screen, you have the option to add a new customer, create a new invoice, accept payments, add funds and add notes.

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The online dashboard provides quick access to your company’s activities and statistics, including invoices showing status, monthly profit and loss invoices and monthly reports, which include graphics and images for entertainment.

Edit transaction information from your app, including amount, date, payment method, vendor, general ledger account, and more.

QuickBooks Online is the #1 cloud accounting solution for small businesses, and it’s no wonder. Now you can access fast data storage online on iPad, iPhone, Android device and computer, further enhancing your user experience. If you haven’t signed up for QuickBooks Online, sign up here. You can learn more about the fastest online iPad app here. Download today!

Do you use QuickBooks Online for iPad? Do you find this helpful? Tell us about your experience below! A decade after releasing the QuickBooks desktop app on the web, Intuit has addressed the needs of small business users with the launch of the QuickBooks iPad version. The app is designed from the ground-up to take advantage of tablet screen sizes and features. But more importantly, it helps reframe the QuickBooks website so that it’s not considered a backend accounting tool. With the introduction of the iPad, QuickBooks becomes the go-to CRM solution for small businesses.

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The iPad release follows the original QuickBooks, which launched on iPhone in 2008 and Android in 2011. Ahead of the spring 2012 iPad debut, those apps have been updated to better integrate with the new QuickBooks look and feel. Like its mobile siblings, QuickBooks Online for iPad still functions as a companion to the QuickBooks Online experience, but not quite.

To use what the program offers, the user must log in to Optimism’s website.

To get started, business owners who find the app through the Apple App Store can sign up for QuickBooks Online while navigating a quick login screen that provides their business name and logo. The app uses GPS to automatically download their data and save other records. It may seem like a small thing, but sometimes a good program is the sum of those little things. Meanwhile, current subscribers can log in using their login information. New users can try the app for free for one month, with upgrades available as an in-app purchase. (Prices are the same for online or iPad, starting at $12.99 per month).

After installation, QuickBooks Online for iPad isn’t what you’d expect—that is, it’s all about managing customers, and finance is just one part of it.

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“Over the past five years, we’ve been transitioning to more mobile apps and websites with our customers. QuickBooks Online launched in 2000 — it’s like a vintage app or web legacy,” he said. SVP and GM of Financial Management Solutions “When you think about mobile, [business owners] are there, getting information in QuickBooks — it made us rethink the role of QuickBooks,” he says.

Customers told the company they would use the software as part of a traditional CRM — even if they had to call the office to get the information they needed. Intuit hopes the iPad app will tap into that pent-up demand for a better mobile experience. For starters, it does this by extracting customer information from Gmail, Contacts, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and customer profiles on Facebook.

The new app makes it easy to create and send email comparisons and invoices, record and take photos of customer activity, earn money on the go (including photos earned), and view business insights with highly visual charts. Intuit works well with the Mint acquisition process because those charts are actually powered by Mint’s charting engine, which automatically goes into QuickBooks on the web.

There are many tools for filtering through clients – one of the most popular tools is “Near Me”, which will help you identify clients you want to browse when you’re out and about. (You know, they owe you that money… or give up. Whatever.)

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At the center of the QuickBooks experience is the concept of “food” for business, which reflects the impact the human interaction model has had on product design.

Here, all the actions and activities of the customer are recorded in the information in the form of feed. In three to six months, it will expand to include data from the wider web (think Yelp reviews, Twitter updates) and other Intuit partners like ProOnGo or Expensify. There are more than 100 developers using the QuickBooks API, Wernikoff tells us.

However, in the near future, the focus will be on bringing more information from QuickBooks Online to the iPad. I imagine QuickBooks users will complain that the app doesn’t have an “X” like their software has, or a “Y” like the online version. But before I release those words, I will take a breath. Obviously this is a version of something that is evolving. Some things will come in time. Others will not. But at the end of the day, I’d rather have an easy-to-use program that does important tasks well than create something like a monster like Microsoft Office, where all the little functions are packed into multiple menus.

Intuit will soon integrate its GoPayment mobile payment solution with an iPad app. Wernikoff says they “wouldn’t be foolish enough” to combine the two. “This year we’ll process over two billion invoices for QuickBooks customers. The ability to do that instant payment capability — you can eliminate the process of sending out invoices,” he said. Most of them haven’t thought about job receipts.”

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Currently, GoPayment works with the app, but you need to launch it separately on the iPad. For other transactions — such as those processed by Square, cash or checks — users can set up a receipt as paid in the app or enter it online and sync it with the app.

QuickBooks today has more than 4 million paid users of its products, including more than 400,000 online businesses in 150+ countries worldwide. Especially on mobile, the company grew 300 percent last year and has 50,000,000 monthly users on iPhone or Android. Those aren’t insignificant numbers, but they also suggest that most of Intuit’s customers are using what we call “legacy” products. Small business use of the iPad has been on the rise for some time, so it was important for Intuit to attract the first SMB CRM customers to its mobile solution. This iPad app is a great attempt at that. Use your mobile device to log transactions, record payments, invoice customers and send reports from anywhere. Your data is automatically backed up to the cloud and synced across all your devices.

Manage your credit cards effectively. Use our mobile card to swipe, save or tap your credit card, we’ll take care of the payment, post the transaction to your account, and transfer the money to your account instantly.

Create invoices in the app and send copies to your customers instantly. If you have Android you can also send receipt via WhatsApp. When a customer receives an invoice or makes a payment, you get an instant notification.

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The app turns your phone’s camera into a receiver scanner. First, take a photo of the receipt. Once you confirm the transaction on the website, we will issue the payment on your books. Add your money to the invoice and create a receipt for reimbursement or tax tracking.

Connect to your bank account, credit card, other accounts, and apps, and we’ll automatically process and track your money. It connects all your devices and makes it easy to track business expenses at any time.

Make professional comparisons perfect for your mobile device. Add plans, contracts, or photos so customers have the information they need. Send a copy in the app or let customers sign and authorize right on their phone.

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