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Best Slack Apps 2019 – They will probably make your day easier, more organized or more fun. The best Slack apps can do the same for your workday. Just like the mobile apps you add to your central communication device (your phone), the Slack app integrates easily into your workplace’s central communication hub (Slack).

Slack apps are third-party software programs that are integrated into the Slack interface, allowing you to add layers of functionality to your Slack team experience. For example, the Slack app for results tracking lets you organize results in Slack instead of using a separate tool.

Best Slack Apps 2019

Slack apps and integrations bring many benefits to work and collaboration.

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What would you like to do more of (or do better) across your organization? You probably have a Slack app. Explore the task-changing apps below to start building Slack features to achieve your goals.

The best Slack app for remote teams helps people connect, manage projects, organize tasks, and stay up-to-date on task management and news. All of the options below improve certain aspects of your remote team’s daily work and interactions. For more Slack options, check out our official Slack App Directory…

What are you doing? With the Nectar Slack app, colleagues can send place bonuses and meaningful shoutouts with a simple slash command to inspire appreciation and collaboration anytime, anywhere. Name someone, attach a key value, add points, include a message.

Why we recommend: Nectar integrates seamlessly into Slack and makes it easy to offer spot bonus recognition without disrupting your workflow. This company culture software platform will soon be your favorite Slack app!

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Offer bonuses, set amounts and even add custom messages and GIFs right from Slack using simple slash commands. Create a Slack awareness channel to see what’s happening in the world of awareness. You can also use shortcuts to claim your own rewards. Bonusly is perfect for in-office, hybrid and remote teams looking for a flexible way to connect.

Why you’ll love it: It makes recognition second nature. When you type a “thank you” or “great job” message into Slack, you can move on to creating an award right away. There’s also a great free trial you can sign up for here to see if Bonusly is right for your team.

What are you doing? The Assembly Slack add-on makes it easy to celebrate anything worth celebrating: a job well done, strong colleagues, birthdays, anniversaries, and more.

While using Slack, team members can type a simple keyword command to bring up a recognition form that they can customize and send directly from Slack. You can also set Slack to send automatic messages about birthdays and other important events.

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Why you’ll love it: You’ll be looking for a high-five emoji when you suddenly realize that thanks to easy integration, you can make a more formal and interesting recognition in seconds.

What are you doing? Evergreen Slack integration allows teams to deliver recognition that has benefits that extend beyond the office.

Evergreen will plant a tree for every seed of recognition given on your behalf. (You can also track carbon offsets and display stats to see how far your team’s awareness and tree has grown.)

Get to know in seconds using shortcuts or keyboard commands in the Slack interface. You can also create a separate Slack channel that showcases all the latest awareness buzz across your team.

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Why it’s recommended: It feels good to recognize people’s hard work. I’m happy to know that I’m helping plant trees while making my team happy.

What are you doing? The Motivosity Slack app allows employees to reward each other in Slack. These recognition actions appear on corporate social feeds, kiosks and notifications from recipients.

Motivosity is a leading peer-to-peer recognition program that allows employees to shout out to their peers for any commendable achievement. Send a colleague a reward, whether it’s a small favor or the completion of a large project, and the colleague can exchange dollars for a gift of their choice.

Why we recommend it: One Slack command can introduce small daily recognitions to your company and help build a culture where employees value their contributions (no matter how small).

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What are you doing? Let’s face it, in today’s fast-paced work environment, employee experience is critical to getting it right. Here, Kazoo offers a Slack app integration that provides admins with insights they previously couldn’t access.

Kazoo’s Employee Experience Platform makes using and rewarding meaningful recognition easy and fun for everyone involved.

Why we recommend: The Kazoo Platform is an all-in-one experience platform. If you want direct feedback from your employees, you’re ready. If you want to set up an incentive program, it’s easy. This Slack engagement app also features goal setting and OKRs, easy-to-use awareness feeds, and trackers to manage 1:1 meetings between employees and managers. With all this in mind, it becomes very clear that this tool offers a lot of features in one application.

What are you doing? Awardco provides a place for in-person and remote employees to receive rewards for the entire company to see. Public recognition can have a very positive effect on employee morale. With a Slack app like Awardco, managers can recognize colleagues across all channels, send rewards points directly through Slack, and notify teams of important updates and group achievements.

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What’s more, when you recognize an employee in Slack, you post a recognition message to Awardco’s recognition feed.

Why we recommend it: Awardco offers four unique compensation tools that allow you to interact with your employees in a variety of ways. Recognize employees through the Recognition Dashboard, set up an employee incentive program, celebrate employee achievements with the “Service Awards” feature, or send gifts directly to employees.

With so many features at your disposal, this Slack app is the kind of engagement platform you’ll use again and again.

What are you doing?’s Slack app lets you create tasks or projects and add real-time updates to existing tasks or projects right in a Slack conversation.

Ez Notify ‑ Slack Integration

Team members receive notifications as Slack messages so they can stay up-to-date without switching between apps or disrupting workflow. (You can also set notifications to be sent via Slack while you work in

Overall, the app creates seamless two-way communication, allowing everyone to work without interruption.

Why it’s recommended: No matter which app you use, you can always send clear instant messages through Slack.

What are you doing? The Favro Slack app layers comprehensive task management tools including scheduling, time tracking and invoicing through the Slack user interface.

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While working in Slack, you can use Messages to create Favro tasks, set notifications for Favro tasks, create dedicated channels for specific Favro projects, and more.

Why I recommend it: It helps keep track of what I’ve worked on so far. You can also manage your Favro tasks in Slack and get detailed information about your work and productivity.

What are you doing? A project plan is a living and breathing concept that changes frequently. It’s often difficult to keep stakeholders and contributors on track while ensuring they can make as many changes as needed. With the Toggl Plan Slack add-on, you can let everyone know about big changes faster than typing an email.

With Toggl Plans, your team gets a Slack notification when someone updates their timeline or daily to-do list. Why you’ll love it: Get an important update on everyone’s attention: Slack. You don’t have to worry about missing your email notifications. You can be sure that everyone gets the updates they need.

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What are you doing? Hubstaff is a time tracking and proof of work solution designed for growing remote and distributed teams.

Why we recommend: Hubstaff offers more than just time tracking and proof of work. Budgeting and job costing help team leaders create project plans. Real-time updates allow project managers to see which team members and resources are spending money.

When a project starts to look like it’s going over budget, Hubstaff notifies managers so they can redistribute workload, team size, and find new tools. That way, you don’t have to use contingency funds to de-risk the project.

What are you doing? This handy integration lets you create tasks in Teamwork from messages you receive via Slack and receive real-time notifications about tasks in dedicated Slack channels.

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Installing the Teamwork app in Slack gives you access to the latest features like project channels and slash commands for teamwork.

Why we recommend it: This tool doesn’t just tell you about changes. You can also provide feedback and plan for next steps. someone inside you

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