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They are looking for innovative ways to digitally plan and develop strategies to achieve impact for both customers and employees. This means more practical ways to collaborate with teams and clients, as well as seamless implementation of ideas and projects.

Apps Similar To Mural

While there are other tools and apps out there like Miro and Mural (eg FigJam, Whimsical, Lucidchart, Lucidspark, Creatly, etc.), these two stand out from the crowd of visual collaboration tools.

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The main difference between Miro and MURAL is that they both offer a different number of integrations. Both platforms allow you to use various integrations to improve your workflow. However, Miro integrates well with many other third-party integrations.

Well, I have personally gone through both platforms and will share my experience in this blog to help you make a better choice for your agency.

To be honest, it was a difficult choice! I hope my experience will make your choice easier.

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Miro is a cloud-based collaborative whiteboard platform. Your team may be completely remote, distributed or shared, but with this collaborative whiteboard platform, they can work efficiently.

From brainstorming ideas to more critical planning and managing agile workflows, Miro’s features facilitate cross-functional teamwork. I’ll walk through these features in detail so you have a better idea of ​​how Miro can help you with your agency processes, including client management, client reporting, client onboarding, and more.

I also think Miro Academy is a very useful resource for agencies. Plus, sign up for weekly webinars to learn how to create and collaborate in Miro. For a personal training program, you can also consider the Miro Enterprise plan.

I found that companies like Dell, Cisco, General Electric and PepsiCo use Miro and it also works with Google Workspace to integrate with Google Meet and Google Calendar. He is currently in first place. 36 in the Forbes Cloud 100 List 2021.

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Murals will also allow your agency teams to collaborate in a digital workspace using a whiteboard. It promotes innovation through visual collaboration. Teams can brainstorm ideas, innovate together, solve problems and more while working on the Mural platform.

Fresca does even more when it comes to video calling. Features such as timers and voting make remote meetings more interesting and productive. There is a private mode feature that allows you to fully control the privacy of the board. You can choose which team members you want to share it with.

Mural’s visual thinking canvas is also designed for interaction; team members can easily collaborate using digital notes, icons, shapes, links, comments and more.

Like Miro, Mural also has users from Fortune 500 and 100 companies such as IBM and Atlassian, and works with CAPCO and GitHub.

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While Miro has integration with Google, Mural has integration with Microsoft as well as Jira, Microsoft Teams and ZOOM.

I will now discuss the main features of the two platforms to give you a clearer picture and understanding of each.

In this section, I’ll detail the features, scope, pricing, and more of both platforms so you can choose and deploy the best one for your agency.

I find Miro’s pricing to be more flexible as it offers the option to pay both monthly and annually.

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Miro has around 200+ pre-made templates, provides access to templates from community members and allows you to create your own. Mural also has around 300+ templates, but they are not as elegant and polished and there are fewer template categories available than Miro.

Miro allows you to create a folder (project) that contains all boards associated with that project. But if I’m talking about folder organization, Mural is a step ahead of Miro because it follows the folder-within-a-folder approach.

It took me a while to get used to the mural interface after trying Miro. The dashboard is also better in Miro.

Miro has its own marketplace for apps and integrations, while Mural (according to its website) only has 20+ integrations to extend functionality for its users.

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Avoid the work of creating templates and processing documents for your agency with our useful collection of templates designed to help you streamline and better manage your agency’s core processes.

Here is an overview of my own findings when I performed a detailed analysis of Miro, examining all the features of the platform.

Signing up for Miro was extremely easy. I used my Google account to sign up and created my first board using one of the 200+ templates available.

As you can see in the dashboard above, the layout is clean and simple. The boards you share with your team are accessible. You can easily navigate between the various relevant boards to check for regular updates and track your team’s progress.

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You can also filter boards by ownership and when they were last accessed or modified.

You can easily organize Miro boards into folders (the program calls projects). You can create a new project with the associated boards. It is very simple. Just click the add projects icon on the dashboard, name the project, add team members, and then add boards.

In addition, you can instantly select a new template from the dashboard and create a new board for your team according to your project requirements.

Not only that, but I also tried the Miro mobile app to good effect. You can easily use Miro on your mobile devices. The app is free to install and easy to log in and use.

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When creating a board, the Miro platform also gives you instructions in the form of pop-up windows. Here is an example of a popup in the screenshot below. They helped me a lot when I made my first board on Miro.

Miro has an entire library of over 200 ready-made templates, and you also have access to templates submitted by community members. Or you can create your own templates and smart frames.

From the categories in the drop-down list in the screenshot below, you get an idea of ​​the many different agency tasks and projects you can collaborate on with Miro.

Now, if you’re wondering how you’ll keep track of everything that’s happening on the board, well, there’s a great navigation feature.

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You can now zoom in on your board and reset the “frames” or the areas you want to focus on. For example, in the screenshot above, I wanted to focus on a specific “frame” or area of ​​the Atlassian “Work Life Impact Play” template that I selected from the Agile Workflow Templates category.

You can also make a frame private on paid plans, so your team members can only see it when you want.

Miro has a number of widgets that you can use to take a closer look at different aspects of the agency’s projects.

As? You can use links, smart shapes and freeform handles, draw arrows and create smart pictures, and use smart notes.

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Here is an example. I created a new board to outline the agency’s client onboarding process. I used different notes, connectors, handles, markers and a star shape from the smart shapes widget. These widgets will help you create complete, comprehensive and structured processes or plans that everyone on your team can follow to accomplish the task. These widgets also offer great attention to detail. You can use as many stickers and arrows as you like on an infinite canvas to describe the steps of the processes you carry out in your agency.

Another feature I find useful is Miro’s mouseover collaboration. This allows the entire team to collaborate on and navigate the same board with their own unique IDs. Each individual user’s marker will have its own name, so everything everyone does is pretty transparent.

Keeping team members on the same page is critical for any agency, especially if you and your team work remotely and want to improve remote team collaboration.

Before I start discussing Miro’s presentation mode, let me delve into another concept for delivering outstanding and compelling presentations to your clients or partners.

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Earlier in the blog I talked about Miro frames, which you can also use as slides when presenting the project plan or project scope to agency team members or proposals to clients.

You can organize the content of your whiteboards using frames in Miro’s presentation mode. To see all the frames that are on the board, hover over the lower left toolbar and click on the frame icon.

Here you can set the order of the frames by dragging them in presentation mode. You can also rename a frame or create a new one next to it by clicking the three dots next to the frame name.

I tried to do

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