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Xfinity Home Security Apps – Comcast and Philips Lighting today announced a partnership that will introduce Philips Hue integration directly into Comcast’s home security system, Xfinity Home. With the update, Xfinity Home users will be able to control Hue bulbs directly in Comcast’s Xfinity Home app [Direct Link], as well as create “rules” that sync Hue bulbs with the security system.

For example, users could set Hue to turn off when they activate the security system and leave the house, or turn on when the alarm is disarmed. Additionally, customers of Xfinity’s X1 TV service using Xfinity Home will soon be able to use a voice-controlled remote to interact with their Philips Hue lights.

Xfinity Home Security Apps

“Our partnership with Philips Lighting furthers our commitment to bring our customers the most reliable and easy-to-manage appliances in one integrated platform – the Xfinity Home platform,” said Daniel Herscovici, senior vice president and general manager of Xfinity Home. . “With the Philips Hue product family, our customers can adjust their lighting according to their daily needs and routines. They can also set simple automatic commands, such as turning on the hallway light when entering the house and disarm the system.

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The Xfinity Home Security package comes with three door/window sensors, a motion sensor, a touchscreen controller and a wireless keypad. Users can add indoor and outdoor cameras, thermostats, outlet controls, smoke detectors, and more, for an additional fee. Plans and prices for Xfinity Home vary for local availability, professional installation and inclusion of TV and Internet services, but the basic plan starts around $29/month for the first 12 months of a 2-year agreement .

Earlier this week, Philips Hue launched a new range of lamps and table lamps in its White Ambience bulb category. The new lighting accessories cost between $99 and $199, and a number of the company’s new products are expected to start shipping in mid-June.

Apple planned a major generational upgrade to the iPhone 14 Pro’s graphics capabilities, but was forced to scrap plans for a new GPU late in development after an “unprecedented” bug was discovered, according to The Information . In a paywalled report, The Information claimed that Apple engineers were “too ambitious” in adding new features to the graphics processor designed for the iPhone…

Apple continues to roll out features that allow residents of participating US states to add their driver’s license or state ID to the Wallet app on iPhone and Apple Watch, providing an easy, contactless way to show proof of identity or age. The feature has only been implemented in Arizona, Colorado and Maryland so far, but Apple has shared a list of additional US states that have committed to…

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Popular streaming service Netflix plans to stop sharing passwords as early as 2023, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal. There have been persistent rumors about the end of password sharing, and Netflix has explored methods to change it, but the change was officially installed the following year. Netflix has known for a long time that the password…

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Tesla today announced the launch of the Tesla Wireless Charging Platform, a $300 wireless charger that can charge up to three Qi devices at once. The concept is quite similar to the AirPower that Apple wants to produce because the three devices can be placed anywhere on the Tesla charging mat, receiving up to 15W of power each. Tesla says the charging angle design…

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From the MacBook Pro to the Mac Pro, Mac mini, iMac, Mac Studio and MacBook Air, sometimes it can be exhausting to follow the latest rumors and leaks of each product on what is coming. To help readers quickly digest everything they need to know, we’ve compiled the latest rumors about each Mac product below, including when new models are expected, new features, and … Comcast is the only provider that offer this $72. annual value at no additional cost. Customers can now protect all connected devices in minutes.

Cybersecurity is a priority for Xfinity customers and most American consumers. With that in mind, Comcast today announced that xFi Advanced Security, a feature that automatically protects devices from online threats, will be included free of charge for customers who lease an xFi gateway. Comcast is the only provider that offers this service at no additional cost – an annual value of $72.

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New customers will receive Advanced Security immediately after activating their xFi gateway, and the feature will begin rolling out to the 18 million existing xFi customers in the coming weeks. No additional software downloads or setup required other than logging into xFi via mobile or online applications, making it simple and easy to keep cables and devices connected to WiFi at home; including smart TVs or thermostats, or devices without keyboards or screens such as security cameras or smart speakers.

“We want you to have the peace of mind knowing that within minutes all the devices you connect to in your home, and the people who use them, are safe and secure,” said Dana Strong, president of Xfinity Consumer Services, Comcast. . “Our customers asked for a better way to deliver content and we responded with free Xfinity Flex. Now, we’re giving them the protection they’ve been asking for with Advanced Security. That’s an incredible amount of value for our Internet customers, and we’re just getting started .

Advanced Security, initially launched in January 2019 as an optional $5.99 upgrade, was developed based on feedback from customers asking for ways to protect IoT devices in this smart home era. It uses AI and machine learning technology to monitor and analyze WiFi traffic at home, and automatically block suspicious activity in real time.

We want you to have the peace of knowing that in a few minutes all the devices you connect at home, and the people who use them, are safe and secure.

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It’s the latest addition to Comcast’s Xfinity xFi platform, which gives customers a simple digital dashboard to set up and manage their home WiFi network and see what devices are connected, set parental controls, receive notifications about ‘activity on the home network, and also. pause WiFi access to certain devices during dinner or bedtime. xFi users can also ensure home WiFi coverage by adding xFi Pods; Small, easy-to-install devices that plug into any electrical outlet and extend the connection to hard-to-reach areas of their homes. And, now with Xfinity Flex, customers can easily manage streaming entertainment and connected devices on the television using the award-winning Xfinity Voice Remote.

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Editor’s Choice: This Comcast company’s combination of tools, automation, professional installation and monitoring is excellent. But there is still progress to be made.

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