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Apps For Video Meetings – Work-from-home policies, social distancing, and government lockdowns have boosted the demand for video conferencing apps for business and personal use. Business conferencing apps saw record growth as a result and had their best week in March, when they were downloaded 62 million between March 14-21, according to a new report from App Annie released Monday. . Meanwhile, social media video app Houseparty has also seen impressive growth amid lockdowns and home quarantines in Europe.

While such growth is expected, App Annie’s report provides some real context on how many new customers these apps are gaining during this time.

Apps For Video Meetings

For example, in early March, commercial app downloads on iOS and Google Play jumped to 62 million, a 45 percent increase from the previous week. According to the report, this was the highest growth of any category in the app stores that week. 90% more than the weekly average for business app downloads in 2019.

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Much of the growth in the category is due to the proliferation of applications such as Google Hangouts Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom Cloud Meetings.

Zoom topped the charts globally in February and March and continues to see strong downloads in the US, UK and elsewhere in Europe.

In a record download week, Zoom averaged 14 weekly downloads in the US in Q4 2019. It was also downloaded 20 times more than its weekly average in the UK in Q4 2019, 22 times in France and 17 times more in Germany. , 27 times more in Spain, 55 times more in Italy.

A related report from app store intelligence firm Sensor Tower noted that US Zoom downloads rose slightly in mid-March, but the term “Zoom” did not enter the top 100 search terms. Week of March 9. This means that many new users are sent the app’s installation page directly, such as a generic link in a work email, a calendar offer, or perhaps an intranet site.

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Meanwhile, Google Hangouts Meet experienced strong downloads in the UK, US, Spain and Italy in March, particularly in Q4 with weekly average downloads of 24x, 30x, 64x and 140x. .

Microsoft teams experienced significant, though not as strong, growth in Spain, France, and Italy, with 15x, 16x, and 30x weekly downloads in Q4, respectively.

In terms of consumer apps popular with Gen Z, social video conferencing app Houseparty is growing rapidly in Europe and elsewhere. The app benefits from network effects, meaning the more friends and family join Houseparty, the more useful the app becomes. Then it is released and used frequently. In Italy, Houseparty downloads for the week ending March 21 were 423 times the average weekly downloads for Q4 2019.

In Spain, Houseparty had 2,360 more downloads in the week ending March 21 compared to the fourth quarter. It is worth noting that Spain was previously a market that Houseparty had not penetrated on a large scale. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, it is now located in a region that it will never reach.

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Unlike business conferencing apps, Houseparty aims to make video chatting a personal and social experience. When you launch the app, it shows you who you can talk to and who else is online, just like other messaging apps. But there are also live parties and in-app games to join, which shows that the app isn’t meant for your back office meetings.

Education apps like Google Classroom and ABCmouse also took off in March, as did grocery delivery apps like Instacart.

“As people face uncertain timelines about the duration of social isolation, video conferencing applications have the potential to greatly impact our daily habits, breaking down geological barriers and fostering the ability to work and communicate relatively seamlessly,” he said. report. “This is an unprecedented time for the world and an incredibly dynamic time for mobile — we’re seeing changes in consumer behavior every day in almost every industry,” the company concluded. Online dating apps should be created keeping in mind the current conditions. is an integral part of enterprises. This is incredible.

Gone are the days when you run into boardrooms with a whiteboard sign in hand to address your team, who do their job by pushing chairs around the room to accommodate everyone.

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Today, with powerful video conferencing software, you can host and participate in meetings from the comfort of your own home. Online meetings provide experiences that are as good as or better than in-person meetings in an office space. Well, there is nothing to miss here, except perhaps the lounge?!

While a great video conferencing app can give you a flawless experience, a mediocre one can get you through the roughest of times. Then it would be a real disappointment! Therefore, it is very important to choose a high-quality video conferencing software. Well, if you are on the verge of choosing a tool or want to switch to a better option, then this article is for you.

We have listed the best video conferencing apps that the market has to offer in 2021. A lot of research has been done and we hope this helps you find the best video conferencing app for your business. Diving:

Zoom calls, zoom video conference, zoom meeting! You have probably come across these words more than once. Now it’s hard to say no, because Zoom is everywhere! Yes, this ubiquitous video conferencing tool is taking the business world by storm, and rightly so. It just does its job very well! Let’s find out why.

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Zoom is free online meeting software that helps you hold meetings and collaborate with your team almost as if you were face-to-face, thanks to great video quality, clear audio, and fast screen sharing capabilities. This easy-to-use video meeting solution is compatible with many devices, from desktop to mobile. Zoom also guarantees secure video calls thanks to SSL encryption.

Install the Zoom app almost instantly and easily conduct video conferencing, online classes, group calls or one-on-one video calls. You can make 1:1 video calls with no time limits or even group calls with up to 100 participants for 40 minutes at a time!

As for the paid plans, Zoom allows you to video chat with 1000 people at the same time. But that’s not all. A free video conferencing tool is doing a commendable job of helping people in these difficult times, and it’s working very well. Zoom video conferencing has removed the 40-minute time limit from its free version for K-12 schools.

Scalable video conferencing allows you to continue meetings or sessions even without a good internet connection, although you may not currently expect HD video and audio quality. But, very well, it allows you to continue without any interruptions. Now we call it credibility.

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Text your guests during the call (private one-to-one or group messages), record the entire video call, use phone numbers, or schedule calls in advance using Zoom’s highly intuitive video conferencing platform.

From the sounds of it, Zoom is going to be a big part of the future of work. Here’s a secret: At Pluralsight, we connect seamlessly with our teams via Zoom video calls. Now you can see why Zoom was our first choice.

Zoom integration helps track the pulse of clients and employees after each meeting and ensures that the agenda is always maintained. You can even receive post-meeting requests with no hassle!

Google Meet is the first choice of any die-hard Gsuite user. Its extensive and seamless integration with other Google apps makes Meet one of the preferred video conferencing apps for Gsuite users.

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Google Meet, originally called Google Hangouts Meet, is Google’s corporate video conferencing software, offered as part of GSuite. Creating an appointment with this tool is as easy as 123! To do this, it is enough to schedule a meeting in Google Calendar and send an invitation to the participants with a Meet link. Now all they have to do is click and join the online video meeting. You don’t need to download any software.

In the middle of a call, you can share your screen and Google Drive files and send text messages to the team without any interruptions. Each GSuite user can create free meetings for 100 participants in Google Calendar, while Business and Enterprise GSuite users can have 150 and 250 participants, respectively, if paid.

These users can add up to 100,000 participants using read-only mode. In this mode, participants can see and hear you, but not vice versa. Business and Enterprise GSuite users have access to many other applications

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