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New Popular Game Apps – We kicked off our week-long look back at the App Store’s first decade with the apps that have spent the most time #1 on the Apple platform over the years. Now we’re rounding out our special coverage with top apps of a different kind: apps that have been rated the highest by users of the US App Store, out of the hundreds of millions of reviews left worldwide since the store opened its virtual doors in July 2008.

It only seems fitting that when looking at positivity in non-gaming reviews, the highest rated of those would be Ipnos Software’s Relax Melodies, which promotes a brighter mood among its users. Originally released in 2009, this sleep and meditation sound generator has 98 percent positive reviews (four or more stars out of five) among the nearly 130,000 users remaining on the US App Store.

New Popular Game Apps

Other highlights of the non-gaming top 10 include the store’s very first Bible app, which launched with the App Store day and night on July 10, 2008, and two apps often cited as apps users can’t live without in their everyday life: Waze and GasBuddy.

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There are many household names among the top rated iOS games of all time on the US App Store, mainly the challenging platformer Geometry Dash from RobTop games. Launched in August 2013, almost five years ago, the title has been reviewed nearly 130,000 times by players in the US and 97.7 percent of them have been positive.

The rest of the top 10 reads like a true who’s who of classic iOS games, including Doodle Jump from Lima Sky, Pocket Frogs from NimbleBit, the original Temple Run from Imangi Studios, Plants vs. Zombies by PopCap (now Electronic Arts) and Tiny Wings by Andreas Illiger.

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who would argue with the vox populi when it comes to these games at the top of the list – or applaud the representation of indie developers among them. We’ve always known that these are some of the very best iOS games; now the data confirms it.

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Sensor Tower’s App Intelligence platform is an enterprise-level offering. Knowing more? Request a live demo with our team! In short: Squid Game set the internet on fire. With Netflix’s hit on everyone’s lips, people are rushing to download anything and everything related to the Korean show, including a wallpaper app from the Play Store that was loaded with malware.

There’s no official Squid Games app — Netflix not included, of course — but ESET’s Android malware researcher Lukas Stefanko tweeted that there are over 200 apps related to the series on the Play Store, and at least one of them was another piece of malicious software that slipped past Google’s security measures.

There are over 200 #SquidGame related apps available on Google Play. This seems like a great opportunity to monetize in-app ads from one of the most popular TV shows without official games. The most downloaded of them reached 1 million installs in 10 days. The game is not being handled very well — Lukas Stefanko (@LukasStefanko) October 19, 2021

Forbes reports that an Android security researcher using the @ReBensk handle discovered the Squid Game wallpaper app. It was later analyzed by Stefanko and both concluded that it was trademarked Joker malware.

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We’ve seen Joker many times in the Play Store. It can secretly sign up its victims for premium subscription services by simulating the signup process. It is also capable of stealing text messages, contact lists, and device information. In 2019, it was detected in 24 apps with over 472,000 downloads, and 64 new variants appeared on the Google store last year.

In this case, the Joker variant targeted ad fraud victims, signing up to expensive text messaging services without their knowledge. The good news is that Google identified the app and removed it from the store, but only after it had been downloaded at least 5,000 times.

It’s always best to be wary of unofficial apps that take advantage of something that has suddenly become popular, be it games, movies, or TV shows. Not long after the game’s launch, a “mobile version” of Cyberpunk 2077 arrived, which turned out to be ransomware.

Stefanko noted that all of the other Squid Game apps he reviewed were free of malware, even though they were riddled with benign ads. But it’s always worth checking the reviews to make sure what you’re downloading is okay. 2021, according to app statistics compiled by Apptopia.

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However, many were below their download totals as of 2020. TikTok had 850 million downloads last year; almost 200 million more than the still impressive 656 million it achieved in 2021. WhatsApp also fell by more than 200 million app installs and Messenger fell from 404 million last year to 268 million this year. Facebook, Meta’s flagship app, was also down, with 540 million installs last year compared to 416 million in 2021. Zoom had 477 million installs in 2020 compared to 300 million in 2021.

And the private messaging and group platform Telegram was the big winner of 2021, with nearly 75 million installs from 256 million last year to 329 million this year. One likely reason for Telegram’s rise is a desire for more privacy, as well as a flight from mainstream social networks by people claiming censorship from Facebook and Twitter.

The top 10 download list for the US specifically looks a bit different, showing significant strength in video streaming platform HBO Max, beating Netflix and Disney+, both top 10 in 2020, for the best streaming service by number of installs in 2021:

The winner, which more than doubled its closest competitor’s global installs, is Spotify, which achieved 203 million app installs by 2021. Google’s music app, YouTube Music, was third with 79 million and Amazon Music was seventh with 44 million.)

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But there was a very interesting new emergence from a very well-known source that made it into the top 10 despite being available in only three countries.

“As Spotify continues to blow all competitors out of the water, a new entrant failed to make the top charts at all last year and has become the second most downloaded music streaming app in the world,” said Apptopia VP of Insights Adam Zwart. “That app is Resso, owned by Bytedance, maker of TikTok. Resso was launched in May 2019. The app is live in Brazil, Indonesia and India.”

(An important note about Apple Music: It’s preinstalled on every iPhone and iPad — an interesting antitrust scenario — so it doesn’t make the “most downloaded” list. Another interesting point: Shazam, which will rank fifth in 2021 downloads owned by Apple.)

US leaders in music downloads include Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud, YouTube Music and iHeart, with SiriusXM and Audiomack also making the top 10 list.

Most Popular Apps On The App Store And Google Play

Games are always big, accounting for more than half of the apps in Google Play and Apple’s App Store, and more than half of app installs. Interestingly, the top 10 most downloaded mobile games for 2021 is led by a game that was released almost a decade ago, in May 2012. Other somewhat outdated games like 8 Ball Pool, which has been around for years, and King’s Candy Crush Saga, were also launched almost a decade ago in 2012.

Retail is also always interesting, as the most downloaded apps provide insight into which retailers are winning mobile, and therefore largely e-commerce. While Amazon leads the US in the US with 40 million installs domestically, three apps have more global installs than the US retail giant. Shopee with 203 million, SHEIN with 190 million and Mesh with 153 million all lead Amazon, which recorded 148 million global app installs. Mobile games continued to dominate revenue in the app ecosystem in 2016, accounting for more than 80 percent of all money earned. through Apple’s App Store and 90 percent of Google Play revenue. Following on from our report last week that analyzed the top non-gaming apps across both stores for last year, this report will rank the top mobile games in terms of downloads and revenue for the full year and fourth quarter periods. quarter of 2016. Let’s start with a look at revenue growth in the games category for Q4 2016, which brought in approximately $7.5 billion to developers worldwide in the last three months of 2016.

Global net revenue from mobile games on the App Store and Google Play grew approximately 70 percent year-over-year in the fourth quarter of 2016 to approximately $7.5 billion, up from approximately $4.4 billion in the fourth quarter of 2015. by platform, fourth-quarter game revenue grew about 62 percent in the App Store, from

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