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Apps For Sending Large Video Files – Wondering how to send large videos, photo-rich documents, or other large files to someone from your iPhone? Check out 10 ways to send large files from your iPhone to another iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows PC, or Android phone. Most of the ways here are wireless, while others will require a power cord.

AirDrop is Apple’s standard way to transfer files wirelessly between iPhone, iPad and Mac. AirDrop has no file size limit, you can send anything through it, be it videos, photos, music, ZIP, documents, other files, etc.

Apps For Sending Large Video Files

2) On the target device, make sure AirDrop visibility is turned on. You can do this from the Control Center or using the following steps:

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3) Open the Photos app on the sender’s iPhone. If you want to send a document, etc., open the file app or other related apps.

6) Now, tap on the Apple device name from the list of available devices to send large files using AirDrop.

7) Finally, tap or click Accept on the receiving device if prompted. For a smooth transfer, be sure to stay on this screen until AirDrop is complete.

Mail Drop is an Apple feature that allows you to share files up to 5 GB in size to anyone via email. The file to be sent by Drop Mail is available for the next 30 days, and the recipient must download the file during this period. You can see how to use Mail Drop on your iPhone here. Restore:

How To Send Large Video Files (with Iphone, Email, & More)

Create an email or start a group by selecting a video and clicking the mail icon from the iOS Sharing tab. After you finish the email, when you click the blue Send Email button, and the large file is not emailed, you will see a popup window asking if you want to send the large file. via junk mail. Just click Use Drop Mail.

ImageCapture is Apple’s built-in application on all Mac computers. With it, you can send large files videos and photos from iPhone, iPad or other cameras to your Mac. This whole process is effortless. You can find step-by-step instructions here.

To send large videos from iPhone to Windows PC, you can use the official Photos app. The steps are simple. But before proceeding, make sure you have installed the latest version of iTunes on your Windows 10 or Windows 11 computer.

If you have large files in other applications like VLC, Documents, etc., you can use iTunes or Finder to access them on your computer. It totally depends on whether the app developer has added file transfer support or not.

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1) Connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC using a power cable. On a Mac with MacOS Catalina or later, open the Finder. On older Macs and Windows PCs, open iTunes.

2) In Finder, find your iPhone in the left sidebar. In iTunes, search for the iPhone name or icon. Click and tap on trust and enter your iPhone passcode and ask.

4) Click the small arrow before the application name to see the files in it. Now, drag the file from Finder or iTunes to the desktop. You must reduce the size of the Finder or iTunes window to drag files.

5) Finally, to ensure you can transfer files wirelessly in the future, go to the General section in Finder or iTunes and check “Show this iPhone on Wi-Fi”. Then, when your iPhone and computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi, you can sync and transfer files without the need for a cable.

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When you need to send large files from iPhone to Android phone or Windows PC, one of the best options is to use other transfer tools like SHAREit and Xender. Using these tools, you can send files of any size wirelessly between devices of different platforms. There is no file size limit.

Start by getting the app on the sending device and the receiving device and follow the instructions within the app. They are beautiful to smell. For the most part, if your device is on the same Wi-Fi network, you’re good to go. For transfer on Android, you can turn on Hotspot on your Android device and connect your iPhone to it.

These applications also have built-in audio and video players, ensuring that you can play media directly if you receive files from other devices on your iPhone.

Telegram is a popular app that is used by more than 500 million people every month. The file size limit is 2 GB. The registration process (and account deletion) is simple. Start by downloading and updating Telegram on your iPhone and make sure it is also available on the recipient’s phone. Once things are set up, send files like many other messaging apps.

How To Send A Large Video On An Android Device

3) Tap on the share option and select everyone who has the link. You can also select only people you invite. Set the appropriate permissions. Then, go back to the previous screen.

4) Now share the link from that app. If you only selected people you invited, you can add them here. They must have an Apple ID to view the file. And if you select someone with the link, an Apple ID is not needed to download a single file.

5) The recipient can click the link and download a copy or add the file to their iCloud drive.

To stop sharing, click a file name in the Files app > Share > Manage Shared Files > Stop Sharing > Stop Sharing.

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Another great way to send large files from your iPhone is through online cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Box, etc. All you have to do is upload these files through the app on your iPhone and use the . In-app options to easily share them with friends, family, colleagues, etc.

These services have a per-file limit, and the amount of Internet access depends on your plan.

Another way to make sure that friends and family who live far away see the video is to upload it to a service like YouTube, Facebook, etc., and send the link. Before uploading, make sure you know the steps to keep your downloads private.

Unless you are sending videos for professional work, it is recommended to compress them and reduce the file size. This ensures that the video is sent quickly and does not exceed the file size limit of the app or service you are sending it to.

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Similarly, if you have a lot of large files, you can effortlessly compress them and create a ZIP file. Then, send the ZIP file, which the recipient can open on their iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, or Android phone.

If you send videos often and find that it takes a long time, you may want to consider setting your iPhone to shoot videos at a lower resolution. This will significantly reduce the file size (with some effect on video quality), and make them send faster.

You cannot send videos or large files using iMessage as it has a limit of 100 MB per message. So, if your video is less than 100MB, you can send it via iMessage. If not, you must use one of the methods listed above.

How to send your parents, spouse or anyone the iPhone white circle with a black border around the Chevron indicates a message every day. It shows ‘Click here to return to top’.

Use Itunes To Share Files Between Your Computer And Your Ios Or Ipados Device

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Although you can’t share long videos via SMS, there are other ways to share them from your Android. thianchai sitthikongsak/Getty Images

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Unlike photos, which are easy to share with anyone via text message, email, Facebook, or a few other methods, videos are often a problem—they can be too large to send over mobile data or Wi-Fi. Except for short videos, you cannot share video files directly with others. But there is an easy way to send large video files from your Android device.

The easiest way to share videos on any Android phone is by sharing video links in Google Photos. This method relies on Google Photos to sync your photos and videos to the cloud, which is the default for most people. Here’s what you need to do:

2. Find the video you want to share, then press and hold it until the toolbar appears at the top of the screen.

Tap and hold a video in Google Photos to reveal a toolbar with a share button

How To Send A Large Video From Your Iphone In 3 Ways

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