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New Adobe Apps – Citing the growth of the creator economy and increased sales through social channels, Adobe launched Creative Cloud Express, a new platform designed for a rapid turnaround and aimed at people who have never used Adobe products before. have not done

Adobe has apparently decided that it has reached critical mass with its professional applications and has found a way to expand its customer base to anyone who wants to create something.

New Adobe Apps

Creative Cloud (CC) Express is designed to make it quick and easy to turn an idea into creative content using a mix of web and mobile apps. Adobe is targeting the platform at people who have little or no experience with creative applications, and promises that the power of Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator and other professional apps is present in Creative Cloud Express, but the applications Without the accompanying complexity.

Adobe Changed Their Icons Recently, So I Decided To Add Some Much Needed Variation To The Apps I Use Most. I’ll Happily Provide The .icon And .png Files If Anyone Wants Them. :

The interface is based on a simple drag-and-drop functionality and is supported by 20,000 premium Adobe fonts. The tool is designed to make it easy to find assets, and as such are linked to stock through Adobe’s “advanced search and discovery” capabilities. Free CC Express users have access to around one million properties in stock, paid users access around 75 million more while the company says it will continue to add new models and capabilities over time.

CC Express supports graphics, photos and video, and leverages a combination of features found across Adobe’s full suite of applications, and “instant actions” that Adobe says are powered by Adobe Sensei, which from photos Able to remove features from the background, trim . And join videos, convert videos to GIF and convert or export to PDF in a few clicks.

Adobe says that many people find it difficult to start creating from a blank slate, so the company has filled the platform with a large number of templates to make creation easier and more free. CC Express is also compatible with all Creative Cloud applications, making it easy to work with artists using full versions of Adobe tools. CC Express is cloud-based and will be supported by web and mobile applications.

Creative Cloud Express appears to be Adobe’s answer to Pixart, which has exploded in popularity over the past year and was recently valued at around $1.5 billion. Clearly, Adobe couldn’t ignore that kind of power and popularity and wasn’t happy to let the startup eat into its bottom line. The company apparently hopes CC Express can appeal to Pixart’s user base of everyday users with a much more streamlined, cloud-based interface than its apps.

Adobe Max 2021: More Creative Cloud Apps Come To M1, New Features, More

Creative Cloud Express is free to get started, and the app has already launched in the Microsoft Store, Google Play Store, and Apple App Store. It’s also included with Creative Cloud All Apps and premium single-app plans over $20 and is free for K-12. The Creative Cloud Express Premium plan costs $10 per month.

The paid app adds access to more assets as mentioned, but also other “premium” features such as cutout refinement, resizing and graphic groups, as well as the ability to quickly and easily add branding, logos, colors, and other fonts. also gives Paid access also includes Adobe Premiere Rush, Photoshop Express and Adobe Spark. A full list of the differences between the paid and free versions can be found on the Adobe website. Adobe plans to launch an enterprise and team version in 2022, in an effort to compete with Canva.

Somewhat confusingly, despite Spark coming with CC Express, Adobe sent out a note stating that Adobe Spark on the web and Spark Post on mobile have been replaced by CC Express.

Today Adobe Spark on the web and Spark Post on mobile have been replaced by Adobe Creative Cloud Express, an offering with Spark and other similar content creation capabilities. With your Creative Cloud Express membership, you get access to additional apps and services including a collection of royalty-free Adobe Stock Photos* from the Creative Cloud Express app, and the ability to create and convert PDFs. If you use any version of Spark, all of your content will still be available in Creative Cloud Express as part of your current subscription. No action is required on your part. If you use Adobe Spark Pages or Adobe Spark Video, you can create new projects in these apps on mobile or access existing projects and continue working on them on the web through Creative Cloud Express. can and vice versa. Adobe MAX 2021 launches today, and with it Adobe has introduced new features to its Creative Cloud applications for desktop and mobile. Creative Cloud also extends to the web and integrates several new sharing features to make design collaboration easier. Below are some of the most important ones:

Adobe Launches Creative Cloud Express, A New Entry Level Platform

Rounding things off, Adobe released “a major version of Photoshop features on desktop and iPad.” Photoshop for iPad gained camera RAW support and the ability to edit Smart Objects on the go, which I covered in a separate post.

On the desktop, the object selection tool has been improved to allow users to hover over an object and make a selection with one click. This advanced selection method uses Adobe’s Sensei AI machine learning and should improve over time. Adobe also says that selections made with the Object Selection tool “are now more accurate and preserve more detail at the edges of the selection.”

Photoshop for desktop gets a new ability to mask all objects in a photo with a single click. From the Layers menu, users can now create masks for all detected subjects in an image.

Photoshop’s neural filters were released last year and are getting three new beta filters with the latest update.

Adobe’s Full Photoshop App Is Now Available For Ipad, Illustrator Is Coming Soon

Landscape Mixer allows users to quickly edit scenes by changing the season and/or time of day. Editing can be done with presets or a selection of user images. Changes are made on the fly and the results are pretty amazing:

Color Transfer is a new neural filter that takes the color palette of an image and makes it easy to apply it to a different image. As Adobe says, “Make this image look like this.”

Harmony is the latest new neural filter to be released with this new Photoshop update and uses Adobe’s AI Sensei to match color, tone, hue and brightness when combining two images. on a different background, and synchronize the “look” between the two images.

The depth blur neural filter is not new, but it has been updated with a new machine learning technique that applies a more realistic blurred background while keeping the subject in focus to produce a more believable bokeh effect. This results in an image similar to that taken with Apple’s portrait mode, although no lidar sensor data is required or used.

Adobe Offers Schools Creative Cloud Licenses For $5/year

One of Photoshop’s “core feature requests” is finally coming with this latest version, too: the ability to copy vector shapes from Illustrator and paste them into Photoshop while keeping their editable attributes, groups, and layers. According to Adobe, “When Photoshop can’t maintain editability from Illustrator, because Photoshop doesn’t support a feature, for example, we try to maintain visual fidelity.” This should be a tremendous time saver for many designers, and one that I look forward to using myself.

Instantly share your work with clients and colleagues for review and get their feedback in Photoshop in the new Comments panel on desktop and iPad versions. Your collaborators will receive a link to your document where they can access the Creative Cloud website and leave comments, including adding pins and annotations. This information comes directly to you in Photoshop so you can see and address feedback in context.

You can read more about all the new features coming to Photoshop for iPad and desktop in Adobe’s announcement release.

You can find out what’s new for Lightroom for iPhone, iPad and Mac in a previous post I covered here.

Adobe Announces New Features For Its Creative Cloud Apps

Illustrator CC’s biggest improvement is the improvement of 3D effects, which have been reworked with a new interface and new features such as applying text to designs without the need to learn 3D software. It doesn’t replace real 3D models and texturing, but it’s still a welcome improvement.

Illustrator for iPad also gains some new capabilities, starting with Vectorize Technology Preview. Vectorize allows users to convert drawn images into clean vector graphics. Take a photo of a sketch and Illustrator automatically vectorizes the image. Users can also tune these results to their liking.

Brushes now allow users to create and apply artistic or calligraphic brushstrokes to their designs, making Illustrator for iPad more powerful for designers on the go and a little closer to the feature parity of Illustrator for the desktop.

Object Blending comes to Illustrator for the iPad for the first time and works like Illustrator for the desktop. Also new is the ability to move objects by size without having to manually adjust individual anchor points.

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