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Word Games Apps Android – The New York Times defines Spelling Bee, a popular daily word game, as “a puzzle in which players try to make words out of seven unique letters, using the middle letter at least once.” But devoted fans of the Spelling Bee define it as a “lifestyle.”

Unfortunately, Spelling Bee only offers one puzzle per day, leaving us starved for vocabulary-building exercises. Luckily, there are tons of fun word game apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones to satisfy our cravings. Adults and seniors will find Alpha Omega challenging to wrap their brain around (in a good way), while kids will be drawn to AlphaBear’s stunning graphics. Those looking for a game night with friends should head straight to Words with Friends or Letterpress.

Word Games Apps Android

These brain training games don’t just relieve boredom. A 2019 study by Research UK found that people who frequently completed crossword puzzles and Sudoku puzzles performed faster on “a range of tasks that assess memory, attention and thinking”. In fact, these are word game programs

Best Android Word Game Apps 2020

Find some of our top picks with download links below. Since most of them are free, you can try them out

Alphabear is where cute animals meet word strategy. A completely unique game that consists of building words around bears. As players progress and earn points, they can dress up their ursine avatar with new outfits and accessories. With strong graphics and an engaging story, this family puzzle game is perfect for kids and parents to play together.

All you have to worry about is creating new words. The gameplay is refreshingly simple. Each new round

Offers players a set of five letters; Complete more of the puzzle with each word you make.

Download Word King: Word Games & Puzzle Apk V2 For Android

Fans with a wide vocabulary. Each round starts with several letters. As each word is formed, more letters are collected. See how many words you can make before the tower reaches the top of the screen. The classic game from 2011 has been remastered to create a new and improved version in 2020.

The creator of SpellTower is back with another great word-based game, which he describes as “anagrams sprinkled with crossword puzzles.” The game comes with over 100 free puzzles and additional packs are available for purchase. The goal is to slide columns of letters up and down to form words in the center row. Challenge yourself with a daily puzzle.

Blackbar is an innovative app that combines stories with word puzzles. The game takes place through a series of censored letters exchanged between friends. In order to reach the next chapter of the story, you need to literally fill in the “black bars” of the letter.

An archive of puzzles dating back to 1993, meaning you’ll never run out. If you’re running, start with a mini crossword puzzle.

Wordle’ Is The Latest Internet Game Craze—here’s How To Play

Anyone who says word search is for kids has never played and is completely put off by Word Search Pro. If you find the hidden words too easy, change the difficulty level. Finally, insomniacs who want to rest can use the app’s “dark mode” feature.

One of the most popular multiplayer apps around. Start with seven randomly arranged tiles and see what you can draw on the board… or erase. The game’s chat function has become a setting for some couples’ favorite dates.

Like many other programs on this list, the point of Word Cookies is to create words from a random assortment of letters. The main difference? Here letters are created from (virtual) cookies. Fill the jar with all the words you have created. Kids will love the sweet taste of Word Cookies.

Think of Bonza as a new kind of crossword puzzle. Each puzzle is guided by different clues, such as “Compass” or “Things with buttons”. From there, players drag and drop letter blocks to form words that belong in that category. Will Shortz, editor

The 11 Best Free Word Game Apps To Play On Android And Iphone

Now on sale: Voiceovers! With thousands of puzzles, you can replay your favorite game show on your phone. Spin the wheel, solve puzzles and surprise your friends (or opponents around the world).

For you. In each round, players are challenged to write words that use – you guessed it! – four letters. When the clock is up, check the dictionary to see the words you missed.

Like a crossword puzzle – but it’s not. Each level consists of a series of misspelled words. The goal is to rearrange the letters to solve the puzzle. Warning: Alpha will be Omega

, a classic board game adapted for the digital age. “Practice Mode” is a great opportunity for those hoping to improve their word-finding strategy skills. Thanks to the app’s statistical tracking feature, you can measure your progress.

What Is ‘wordle’? Everything You Need To Know

Of course, if you miss the analog days, you can put down the phone for the classic game of Scrabble.

We’re going to be honest: the main draw of this relaxing word search app is the backdrop featuring gorgeous beaches from around the world. Word games are perfect for the nature of mobile gaming. They’re easy to pick up when you want to train your brain, and easy to put away when you need to get back to the real world.

The main advantage of word games is that they are great for building your vocabulary, but the game itself can also add to the fun. That’s why there’s no shortage of word games on both Google Play and the iOS app store, so we’ve decided to compile a list of the best free word games available for both iPhones.

We have laid out the basic rules for creating this list. All games should be free and we have selected games that can be progressed without in-app purchases. We’ve also made sure they all don’t have full-screen ads and have at least a four-star rating on both mobile app stores. He dismissed the gaming giant’s Scrabble because it had poor ratings due to intrusive ads. By the way, we have options here.

Android Apps By Robus Word Games On Google Play

Crossword puzzles have long dominated the word game scene and have been a staple for fans of the genre since before the game came along. Very appropriate advertisement

A wide selection of word puzzles of varying difficulty, suitable for both beginners and experts, is sure to satisfy.

One of the best features of the game is the ability to highlight and lock the correct answers, so you never have to worry about second-guessing. Hints can also be used to reveal letters or whole words when you are confused.

The controls in Crossword are intuitive – tap the block to change the typing direction from portrait to album, then use the in-game keyboard to type remotely. Aside from the option to remove ads for $4.99, Crossword offers no additional in-app purchases. However, ads only appear between puzzles and are often out of the way.

Beyond Wordle: The Best Word Games To Try Next

Is a great single player game that allows you to create strings of words from a given set of letters. The controls are simple – slide your finger around the letters in the tray to form words. When you beat a level or find additional words that aren’t part of the puzzle, you’re rewarded with coins that buy clues if you get stuck.

There are in-app purchases, but only for a one-time $1.99 to earn coins that you can trade for tips or remove ads. Although ads are always present in Word cookies, they do not interfere with gameplay, usually appearing next to a banner at the bottom when playing between levels.

A great game where you clear areas full of letters by combining them to form words. This in turn allows your bears to grow and earn points in the process.

Like Scrabble, points are assigned to different letters. However, you only have a certain number of turns before the spells expire and freeze. Once they’re in place, unused letters block the bear’s path and prevent it from growing, so make sure you prioritize those with the fewest loops.

Best Word Game Apps For Adults (android & Ios)

Depending on what stage you are in, there are different goals to achieve, from a timed game where you make as many words as possible to a slow standard game with no time limit. There’s also a Versus mode where you can compete against your friends and beat each other’s scores to see who’s the best.

Alphabear uses its own dictionary, which is constantly updated, and there are practically no ads, but you can watch them if you want to win extra prizes.

Another simple game where you find and cross out words on a table of letters. When you solve a puzzle, you get coins that you can use for hints when you get lost in the alphabet. Indicators also appear and cause the letters to be connected to flash during long periods of inactivity.

Be careful because some stages don’t have letters that can push you and even kill you if you search for words for too long.

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