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Apps For Audiobooks On Iphone – Audiobooks occupy a strange stagnant water on iOS. Long after the ‘More’ button in Apple’s Music app, audiobooks were dropped from Music with iOS 8.4 and now live alongside eBooks in iBooks. Audiobooks are one of the most restricted types of media you can buy on iTunes. Once downloaded to the device, the audiobook cannot be downloaded again. Download audiobooks to an iOS device that hasn’t been backed up, and if your iPhone or iPad dies, your audiobook dies too. The iTunes audiobook, to borrow Steve Jobs’ complaint about Blu-ray discs, is “a great pain”.

However, iTunes isn’t the only game in town. Services like Audible allow you to re-download books, and there are plenty of DRM-free audiobooks available. But Audible is its own proprietary system, and even DRM-free audiobooks can’t sync to iBooks on iOS devices without using a Mac and a cable. Sticky points like these are what create opportunities for third-party developers like Tim Bueno, who have made an excellent, though imperfect, Dropbox-connected audiobook player called is the Bound to get DRM-free audiobooks on your iPhone.

Apps For Audiobooks On Iphone

Bound starts from the premise that with the advent of cloud storage services like Dropbox, you don’t need a Mac to upload audiobooks to your iPhone. Tap the plus button in the top-right corner of the home screen, link your Dropbox account, then start selecting audiobooks to download on the Bound — that’s all there is to it. Bound only supports DRM-free M4B audio files and MP3 audio files; It does not support DRM protected files from iTunes. Also, Bound can only link to Dropbox, which I would like to see expanded to Box, Google Drive, and other storage providers.

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When I first opened Bound, I connected my Dropbox account and navigated to the folder containing the audiobook version of Shawn Blank’s book Delight is in the Details. Shawn distributed two DRM-free audiobook versions of his book – a single M4B file and sixteen separate MP3 files that corresponded to each part of the book, making it perfect for our testing. Bound.

I first downloaded sixteen MP3 files. They are quickly downloaded and grouped together into audiobooks. Tapping the info button for the book takes me to Bound’s edit view, which shows that the files are out of order because some files are downloaded faster than others. While I’d love to see the automatic sorting of files based on track information, detailed in Delight, it’s simple to rearrange files using the drag handles next to each file.

Next, I downloaded the M4B file containing the entire audiobook as one file. Because it has the same name and author information as MP3, Bound added the M4B file to the MP3 version of the book that I downloaded earlier. From the edit view, tapping on the new M4B file gives me the option to move the file to an existing book or create a new one. I created a new book, added the title and author info, and that’s it.

Bound has all the basic features you would expect from an audiobook player. You start by tapping a book item from the list view, which opens a player reminiscent of Overcast. If you tap Pause, Bound will remember where you left off the next time you open the app. If you swipe down from the player view, you will return to the list view. The book you’re listening to can be identified in list view by a green sound wave animation next to the book’s artwork that will freeze if you pause playback. In list view, tapping a paused book will not resume playback. Instead, it will reopen the player view where you had to tap the play button. This behavior makes me feel a bit odd, and I want to tap a book in the list view to act as a real play/pause button. When you finish a book, you can delete it by swiping from right to left in the list view.

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You can add bookmarks that make going back to a specific part of an audiobook a simple matter of entering the bookmarks list view via the ‘Bookmarks’ button at the bottom of the player view. Unfortunately, in my tests, the bookmarks I have placed are not in chronological order when I go to the bookmarks list view and I cannot discern any patterns in the order of the list. . You cannot edit bookmarks to add descriptive names.

Bound supports chapters, but not in the way that you might be familiar with podcasts. The chapters in the Bound are individual files that include the audiobook. Podcast chapters use the ID3 chapter tag, no limit support. This works well if your book has a lot of files, like Delight’s detailed 16-file MP3 version, but doesn’t work if you’re listening to a podcast with chapters or a book with only one file.

You can also adjust the playback speed within the range from 0.5x to 2.0x. I’m spoiled by Overcast’s Smart Speed ​​feature, which doesn’t have it. Audio acceleration works fine, but it consistently speeds up playback, which I find annoying. Slowing down playback creates an echo effect on the audio that makes it sound like the narrator is speaking from the bottom of a well.

In addition to several books, I also imported an episode of my podcast, Ruminate. Every time Rob Lewis and I record, he drops the edited MP3 into our shared Dropbox folder so I can listen to it before publishing. The show isn’t in the RSS feed yet so I can’t easily listen in the podcast app. I can upload the show to HuffFur to get it into Overcast, but I don’t want to do that for an unreleased and subject to change show. Instead, I usually listen to the show on my Mac. With Bound, I now have an easy way to listen to shows on the go with my iPhone, and the ability to bookmark any location I want to edit.

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IBooks is not a good solution for DRM-free podcasts. Bound solves my problem of getting audiobooks from Dropbox that I like. I also like that there is no learning curve to using Bounds. That said, the Bound suffered from the aforementioned hardships. Ability to manually reorder the book list and based on other filtering criteria, 3D touch to resume playback from the app’s icon, extension to send audiobooks to the Bound using the share sheet iOS and want to see iPad. Version.

Despite its limitations and rough edges, which I hope will be addressed in future versions, Bound is an app that you should check out if, like me, you have DRM-free audiobooks saved stored in Dropbox or not. However, if you need to organize a large audiobook collection, you may want to consider other options.

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