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Good Marketing Apps – Now it remains only to take it into the hands of the people. But with over 5 million different apps between the App Store and Google Play, it’s no easy task.

So what can you do to stand out from the crowd and start driving downloads? We’ve compiled a list of 20 app marketing strategies you should try, so keep reading or visit our infographic below.

Good Marketing Apps

Any marketer who has gotten their feet wet in app marketing knows how difficult it can be to decide how to market an app. This can be a complicated process. There are many programs with different marketing strategies and they all have different levels of success.

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Competition is fierce, as you probably already know, and over 68% of mobile app companies have a long-term, fully documented mobile app launch strategy.01

Building your app isn’t the only difficult part of making it to the top of the store charts. However, with the right app launch marketing plan, you can get there sooner than you think.

A strong landing page for your app is important because your website is often the first impression of your business for many users. It can act as a ‘showroom’ for your app, so make sure it’s clean, attractive, user-friendly and works well in all browsers.

Robinhood is a great example of what a landing page for a mobile app should look like: a clean, strong headline, body text that clearly describes what the app does, and a clear call to action. Images, graphics, and text on the page encourage users to explore the app’s features and then download and use the app.

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Landing pages are powerful promotion tools that often serve as a starting point for a user.

Before making a new purchase, most people will research the opinions of others before making a decision. Apps are no different: reviews and ratings can potentially help convince new users to click the download button.

Your app marketing plan should include encouraging existing users to view your app. Build in features that make it easy for you to write a review, such as asking for a rating. You can also contact an informed, professional reviewer on an app review website to get a more reliable (and visible) opinion.

Even negative reviews aren’t all bad if you don’t take the criticism personally. Reading and responding to feedback can be a good source of new ideas, highlight areas for improvement, and show potential new users that you’re interested and listening.

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Viral loops are a great tool to increase the number of users of your mobile app. Create something shareable, like high scores or shared experiences, and make it easy for users to spread the word about how great your app is.

Viral loops help spread the word about your app because they change the traditional marketing funnel, allowing users to sell your app for you. Viral loops can be created with good app design: add incentives, invite-only features, shared experiences, and other links to start the cycle.

Companies like Dropbox, which gave users 16GB of storage when they invited friends, and CandyCrush, which allowed users to share their results, used viral loops to quickly grow their brands.

Just like you need to optimize your website to rank on the search engine results page, your app listing needs to be optimized to appear at the top of the App Store search results. The higher your rating, the more potential new users you get.

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App store optimization is an integral part of your app launch marketing plan and is critical to making your app stand out from the more than two million apps in the app stores.

Video is already the most popular form of content and is predicted to account for at least 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020. Create videos that you (and your users) can share on platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, and Facebook.

Venmo has a great mobile app marketing strategy around video: their video content is short, descriptive, and makes sense even when the sound is muted.

Videos can range from app tutorials to content that helps users learn about your brand—what you stand for and what problems you solve. Keep videos short, no longer than 60 seconds, and make sure the call to action can be understood without sound.

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Your app launch marketing plan should include putting together a strong press kit for your app. You have to be ready every time a journalist or blogger wants to showcase your work.

Manage your app’s shared images with your own branded screenshots, logo, app icon, social links, company profile, and press releases.

Turo, a peer-to-peer car rental app, has a page on its website where journalists and bloggers can upload detailed newsletters, company logos and branded images for publication.

App Store advertising is another way to increase your presence and visibility by paying for ranking instead of organic ranking, regardless of your level of App Store optimization. Think of paid App Store advertising as a pay-per-click campaign that you run with Google Ads.

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Paid App Store advertising places your app where a large audience of potential users can search for it — conveniently at the top of search results.

For example, Trello plays App Store ads when you search for “to do list” in the App Store. As one of the best mobile app marketing methods, choose only keywords relevant to your product and pay per click.

Now that you have a solid press kit, publish regular press releases to let the public know what they can expect from your business and that you’re hard at work on new features.

Create a press release that describes your program, its purpose, and the problems it solves. A comprehensive press release gives potential users a look at your company and what to expect.

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In addition to increasing your app’s visibility, social media provides valuable information about your followers. Learn about their interests, hobbies, demographics, when they’re most active, and more so you can fine-tune your advertising strategy.

User engagement is a must when implementing a social media marketing campaign to drive mobile app awareness, but even better is re-sharing user content. Airbnb constantly shares user-generated photos and interacts with followers in the comments. Show your audience how others use your app and start real conversations.

There’s no denying it—influencers have a lot of influence. But unless you have a huge budget to pay for an endorsement from an A-list influencer (say $400,000 per post for the Kardashians), you’ll have to look for a “micro-influencer” that fits your target audience.

The key here is to use any connections you already have, but the most important thing is to find someone who fits your brand and mission. Otherwise, any users you get will quickly float away.

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Dating app Bumble enlisted its staff to find hyper-micro-influencers (less than 1,000 followers) for an “Anne Smith” campaign that sparked growth, resulting in more than 40 million users and women # Boost to MakeTheFirstMove.03.

Leverage your industry expertise, improve your visibility on search results pages, and drive traffic to landing pages by blogging regularly. In fact, businesses that blog get 126% more leads than those that don’t. Blog content can also be distributed in email newsletters, reproduced on social media, or placed on a landing page as an e-book or downloadable resource.

Tell your audience about your development process to build interest in your app. Carefully research which keywords to target, start writing quality blog posts on those topics, and get links to improve your search visibility.

Mobile delivery service DoorDash has a very impressive blog that highlights their latest updates and news, showing new and existing users how the app makes their lives easier.

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Affiliate programs are like an invitation system in a viral cycle. The difference is that affiliate programs usually provide cash incentives for their members. You provide links and content for your affiliates to share with their audience.

Shopify’s affiliate program is highly rated for several reasons: they offer high commissions, create great content for partners to share, and offer support. This makes the affiliates happy to promote their program to the audience.04

Advertising is everywhere. So why not use them to your advantage? Install search engine and social media ads to drive traffic to your app and increase downloads.

Bid on relevant keywords and target audience segments to show your app to the right people. This is a paid strategy, but proven to be successful.

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Show everyone you know what you’re talking about and share your industry expertise by posting on influential blogs.

Other bloggers will appreciate informative, well-written content that will help strengthen their websites, and you’ll get backlinks to share your program with new audiences and improve your SEO. For giving you will receive. This is a win-win option.

Start publishing ebooks, start a podcast, or attend event panels to give away your two.

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