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Ebook Apps For Android – Selected editors and independent reviewers. If we can make purchases through affiliate links, we may receive a commission that supports our test.

You can find many books on the internet that you can buy for cheap or for free, but what if you don’t have a special book reader? Maybe not. Just install the e-book reader on your phone or tablet. Whether you are trying to read Mobi, EPUB or PDF files, there is an electronic software that will work for you. Read on for the best options.

Ebook Apps For Android

You don’t need to fire up your device to read Amazon books. The Kindle app supports a variety of devices (opening in new windows), including Windows and Mac computers, as well as iOS, iPadOS and Android mobile devices. It can manage books from Amazon, as well as anything from your library through Libby (opens in new window).

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As you read, you can easily change the font color, text size, line spacing, and other attributes. Observe and annotate text Use the X-ray function to find more detailed information about characters and other elements, note your current page, and search for specific text. Need a specific word definition? Just highlight and pop up a dictionary or Wikipedia to describe it.

Google Play Books isn’t as powerful as Kindle, but that’s no relief. Available for iPhone and iPad (opens in new window), Android device (opens in new window) on the web (opens in new window) and for Chrome browser (opens in new window) through Chrome. Host books downloaded from Google Play as well as PDFs and other formats downloaded from third-party websites.

You can change the text and color attributes, view the book page, add notes, and even read aloud. From the Settings screen, you can turn on the function in the dark, use the online dictionary, and the volume keys to open a page.

Apple invented Apple Books (Opens in new window) is a build-in reader for e-books and audiobooks downloaded from the Apple Bookstore. In the app, you can adjust the type and size of fonts, shapes and sizes, as well as page marks, marks and text marks.

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Enable Scrolling View to scroll through vertical scrolls instead of dragging left on each page. Long pressing a word gives you the option to copy it, scroll through it, highlight notes, search through the book, or share it with someone else. The search function takes you to a specific word or page number.

Designed as a reader for books, magazines and other content from Barnes & Noble, Nook on Windows (opens in new windows), iOS/iPadOS (opens in new windows) and Android (opens in new windows). In the app you can change the font style and size, margins, line spacing, justification and clarity. You can easily navigate through the pages of the book using the easy bar at the bottom or jump to a specific page. The word touch and light reveals the definition. Page-specific settings allow you to change page translation options, manage your library, and manage your readers.

Focusing on both e-books and audiobooks, Kobo Books (opens in new window) is available for Windows, macOS, iOS/iPadOS and Android. Allows you to read books downloaded from the Kobo store (opens in a new window), as well as imported books saved as PDF or EPUB.

Touch the screen and some icons will appear at the bottom right. From here you can play with styles and sizes, layouts and shapes. Choose to use the volume keys to rotate each page, change the focus and change the page. Highlight the word to get its definition or note it. You can also bookmark a page and see a list of chapter titles and other details.

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Libby (Opens in new window) Allows you to borrow e-books from your local library. He needs a complete policy. This app works for iOS, iPadOS and Android devices or you can use it directly through your internet browser. Once you open a meeting in your library using your account, you can browse or search for books within the virtual collections.

In the app itself you can adjust the text size, clarity and book design. This app allows you to mark and highlight specific pages and areas of the book. You can also search for articles and drag them to the bottom to jump to a specific page. Clicking on a word allows you to view, highlight or search for a definition in the book. And if you don’t like Libby’s e-book reader, you can send the borrowed books to the library to fire instead.

FBRreader (opens in a new window) allows you to read books purchased from its online library or imported manually from other sources. The program supports various formats, including PDF, ePub, mobi, RTF, HTML and plain text. Software versions are available for iOS, iPadOS, Android, Windows and Linux.

When reading e-books, you can switch between light and dark shapes, search for text, change orientation and zoom in or out. From the Settings screen, you can adjust the text style and size, margins, appearance, color and page rotation. Strengthen FBReader by installing and integrating various programs and plugins such as offline dictionary and PDF reader.

Best Ebook Reader Apps For Android In 2022

The basic software is free, but special pricing starts at $4.99 for a text-to-speech reader, translator, and comes with support for PDFs and comic books.

Designed for iOS and iPadOS KyBook (opens in new windows) provides access to various book catalogs, including Project Gutenberg and Feedbooks. You can add additional e-catalogs and insert books from folders stored on your device or between cloud-based storage sites. The program supports standard formats such as ePUB, PDF, mobi, text and RTF.

In the app you can change the font and text style as well as the theme color. You can find text to listen to your book through text to speech and set a time to close when you stop reading. Clicking on a word allows you to copy, translate, define, search, share, note, or recite. You can view headlines, notes, notes and more.

The basic version is free. A one-time payment of $4.99 removes ads and starts the dictionary, display, auto-scrolling and more options. Pay $4.49 for three months or $14.99 for a whole year and you can access the KyBook cloud with book storage and sync.

Best E Book Apps For Android 2022

FullReader for Android only (opens in new windows) allows you to download e-books from your device or from the cloud. The program supports many different formats, including ePUB, PDF, mobi, txt, doc, docx and HTML. You can browse the books stored on your device and import the books you want to read from there. For books stored in the cloud, you connect to Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive and download them to your device.

While reading a book, you can modify the style and size of the font, color, text, colors, brightness and appearance. Advanced settings allow you to play with layout, spacing, night, page rotation, and more. You can view the chapter title and jump to a specific chapter. Clicking on the word will bring it to a table where you can highlight it, translate it, or share it. It also makes audio notes and reads them to you.

Focus on iOS / iPadOS (opens in new windows) and MAS devices (opens in new window) PocketBook Reader allows you to grab books from your storage, store those books on your device, store those books in the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive. and PocketBook Cloud) and those downloaded from Google Books. The program supports both e-books and audiobooks in 26 different formats, such as ePUB, mobi, PDF, RTF, text, HTML, MP3, and M4B.

In the app you can change the font style and size, brightness, color, margins, reading mode and other attributes. You can also bookmark pages, jump to a specific page, and read books aloud. Tapping on a word allows you to highlight it, search for it, or define it. To modify the app, jump directly to the settings screen where you will see several options.

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