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Developing Apps For Apple Watch – Apple’s new breakthrough at the moment is gaming apps for the smartwatch. Recently, the company launched its smartwatch that everyone could know about, as this smartwatch was in the news for its amazing features that anyone could imagine being in a small device like a watch.

Apple is making news again as its developers are now focusing on developing iOS gaming apps for that really smart device in the market, the Apple Watch. Developing game apps for such a small screen would be a tough task for iOS app developers.

Developing Apps For Apple Watch

However, several mobile app developers already have the know-how to do so, and as a result, more than 6,000 smartwatch apps have been created, most of which are gaming apps. Therefore, a slow but steady growth in demand for gaming apps for the Apple Smart Watch is to be expected. So you’re an iOS game developer looking to create cool game apps for the Apple Watch? Then do it without thinking because it is a good market. Before you venture into this realm, there are a few things you need to consider to align your iOS app development process with this Apple smartwatch.

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This is an ideal task for limiting the duration of gaming sessions when developing iOS gaming apps for such a small device with limited battery life. Simplify gameplay, keep it short and simple for best performance.

With only a 1.54-inch smartwatch screen, there is probably very little room for user interaction. As a result, game developers should design games in such a way that tapping your finger on the screen is mostly unnecessary, as tapping blocks most of the screen and blocks the player’s view of the game.

The Apple Watch line has been updated with a new operating system called WatchOS2. This operating system contains great features that can help game developers create better apps that can be controlled directly from the watch. The new OS has fixed the shortcomings of the previous OS 1.0 and is therefore a better update for game developers.

Previously, with Watch OS 1.0, third-party developers were unable to create native apps for the device because they had limited permissions or access to limited hardware resources. This does not apply to the new SDK introduced in the new Watch OS. Third-party developers can now easily take advantage of the hardware features and use the SDK to simplify the process of developing iOS game apps for the Apple Watch.

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Hence, developing iOS gambling apps is sure to be a much simplified process with such welcome updates. iOS games are already popular in the market, so the same is expected to happen with Apple Watch games. So, if you as a business want to target a new platform for your business growth needs, contact iPhone app development experts who can provide you with the best iOS development services as per your needs. As devices become smaller and more powerful, they find their way into our everyday objects. Now we can not only carry PCs in our pockets, we can also wear them. Wearables can certainly come in many shapes, sizes and sophistication. What they have in common is that most of the tech giants are betting on wearable devices.

The smartwatch market is currently booming. More and more smartwatch app developers are struggling to figure out how to make their software stand out from the competition. While functionality and innovation have always been obvious features of any app, there are a few other key features to keep in mind when creating apps for wearable devices.

Before we start developing a smartwatch app, it is important to see what the trends are and what are the best apps that we can use as inspiration for our projects. Let’s look at the latest trends that will dictate the direction of development.

If you want to create a smartwatch app, you need to understand that an app based on some current trends has a better chance of becoming popular than an app without anything new. Here are some smartwatch trends to make your smartwatch app exciting.

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If you watched Apple WWDC 2017, you might have noticed that almost all the innovations and changes are based on some smart features. For example, one of the announced innovations was the ability for Siri to learn from you and suggest icons on the screen that you are likely to need most at a certain time in a certain place. This new ability to collect big data about your customer gives you a great opportunity to create an innovative product and, more importantly, a customized smartwatch development platform. This approach can be used in all programs.

Now it is not only important to have a handy gadget with many attractive functions, but also to look great. If you look at the Samsung Gear S2, you’ll know what I’m talking about. When developing this kind of app, you need to think very carefully about the design. Your app should not only look good, but should match the overall look of the device. If you notice, WatchOS 4 also takes care of the aesthetic pleasure of its customers, creating beautiful kaleidoscopes that can be customized according to the preferences of users.

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We used to think that smartwatch apps were just small copies of smartphone apps. Now that has changed. When buying a smartwatch, people want to use the same apps with the same functionality as a smartphone, especially if their phone or computer is not available. So make sure the app you are working on is as useful as the smartphone version. For example, with the new updates in WatchOS 4, you can easily transfer money through your smartphone, so why not take advantage of this?

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To get inspired, check out some great smartwatch apps and maybe borrow some ideas or a business model from them.

Terrible. Fitness and health apps are among the most popular types of apps designed specifically for smartwatches. And Strava is no exception. This is a great app for runners and cyclists to track their workouts. And its most striking difference is the ability to work independently, without a smartphone. So you don’t have to carry your phone with you while running or cycling, and the watch does all the work for you.

For a long time, Strava was not compatible with the Apple Watch. But in 2017, that changed. And this combination gives you even more advantages. For example, you can use Siri for a route map and many other things. To date, the app can work with Apple Watch, Fitbit Surge, Sony SmartWatch 3 SWR50, Garmin Vivoactive, Pebble Time and Microsoft Band.

Glide is another cool app made for smartwatches. You can not only send text messages with the app, but you can also send video and audio messages, which is a lot of fun. The app was introduced to work first on smartwatches and then on phones. why Since it is not very convenient to send text messages on the watch, it is much easier to send a voice message with a single button. This is the main idea of ​​the program. The idea is to make communication using the watch as convenient as using the phone.

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Knock. Knock is an app for Apple Watch. Its main function is to verify your identity and unlock Apple devices with your watch. Passwords are not required. All you have to do is tap the app on your watch. It’s that simple! The app uses BLE technology, which means your battery will last a long time, as this approach is very energy efficient. If your Mac isn’t in sleep mode, it takes a second to unlock it with your Apple Watch.

Now think about what all these programs have in common? I can tell you something. They were all designed for smartwatches. They may be even less user-friendly on a smartphone, but on a small screen, watches work great. All we’re trying to say is that you should think about your app’s interface first and then everything else.

Let’s shine a light on the differences between Android Wear and Apple Watch so you can see the big picture before you start building your smartwatch app.

The concept of Android input and output is as follows

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