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Landing Pages For Mobile Apps – Well now is definitely the time If you’re not engaging your mobile audience, you’re falling behind Need proof?

And to clarify, remember that Google’s latest algorithm update expanded the use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.

Landing Pages For Mobile Apps

Mobile Responsive Post-Click Landing Pages are the newest trend in the post-click landing page block and they are here to stay.

Mobile App Landing Page Template Graphic By Themeplaza · Creative Fabrica

As more people start using their mobile devices as their primary way of accessing the web, mobile optimization is becoming something you can’t ignore.

You optimize your post-click landing pages to get more conversions, right? Well, now mobile users need to do the same Why? Why? 74% of people use mobile phones to help themselves while shopping (Forbes)

If you want your customers to buy your products, you need to make sure your pages look good on smartphones.

Lately, we’ve seen a lot of companies use the term “responsive” incorrectly, and we want to know what a real responsive page looks like. That’s why we’ve reviewed several mobile post-click landing pages and selected gems for you to learn

Mobile App Landing Page By Daniel Naumoski On Dribbble

Before we move on to the example, let’s make sure we agree on responsive pages

Mobile-responsive post-click landing pages are mobile-friendly pages Compatibility ensures that your visitors have the best experience on your post-click landing page, even on a small screen, which increases your conversions.

Not sure how to make your post-click landing pages mobile friendly? This checklist covers the most important aspects of mobile post click landing pages

Wonder how it looks in action? Here is a showcase of great mobile responsive post click landing pages

Figma Tutorial — How To Design A Mobile App Landing Page

The desktop version has a navigation bar at the top of the page while the mobile version does not The title has the same wording, but in a different format In the mobile version the first line you read is “Clock of our time”, in the desktop version it’s “Moto 360”.

The image and CTA button are the same – only the format is different It maintains brand consistency across channels when environments require different approaches

They haven’t really made any changes in the version However, the mobile version fits the screen perfectly You don’t need to screen pitch or anything This is a great example of the simplicity of post-click landing pages that recognize the importance of mobile engagement from the start. The desktop version is likely to be an extended version of the mobile version. was created

The title is similar, but it’s shorter and action-packed so it works on both platforms The only difference is on the mobile page where there is only one CTA that brings you to the app We call it sensitivity

Mobile App Landing Page

There are no navigation links in the mobile version The title is the same, the body is the same But the versions change as soon as you move to the bottom of the screen While the mobile version has one more CTA button at the end, the desktop version only has one more navigation bar. (Have you tested this, Sip? Curious about its effect on your conversion rates and how they compare.)

The mobile version has the same title, same copy and same image Again, what it lacks is the navigation link at the top of the page Another feature of the mobile version is the CTA button that slides with you

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Mobile App Development Website Landing Page Vector Image

We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website, provide our services, personalize content and analyze traffic. By continuing to use our website, you consent to our use of cookies Please see our Cookie Policy for more information A beautiful website for your mobile app is the key to getting more downloads Here are 15 responsive app landing pages and templates to inspire you.

From content structure to visual design elements, everything on an app website’s landing page must come together to turn a prospect into an engaged user. Let’s move on to some apps that fix this

Imagine shining the light of your phone on a closed door It looks like something straight out of a science fiction movie, but this is today’s technology BrightLock’s mobile app makes it safe to open and operate smart lock doors at home with one flick of your smartphone.

This landing page captures the complexity of the lock systems that Bright Locks sells The minimalist design is full of white, gray and well-defined lines With a modern feel, this website design shows that even everyday tasks can be improved by opening the doors to technology.

Circle (landing Page, Dashboard, Mobile App) On Behance

Knitting is a low-tech term that requires only yarn, needle and a lot of patience. Belish brings technology to this creative endeavor with a mobile app that creates sweater patterns, swatches and other tools to help you hone your knitting skills. These mobile app website ideas are packed with design and well-organized organization to show how the app works.

From the sleek stylized logo to the screenshots showing the simplicity of the Belish app, there’s a softness to app landing page design. User experience binding research captures the feeling of comfort It also shows how the Belish app can make the entire knitting process, from pattern design to row counting, an easier and more efficient experience.

There are many competing peer-to-peer payment apps, but Cash App has the advantage of being associated with Square, backed by a solid reputation as one of the earliest innovators in digital payments.

The app landing page is available as a portal to create an account, download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play, and seek customer support. Being a part of Square means the cash app doesn’t have to pitch itself like a scrappy startup. This allows them to keep things small with a simple design that is only necessary

Mobile Banking App Landing Page

The web design of the cash app can be simple and straightforward But there is enough visual activity to grab your attention Flash coin symbols and landing page animated images during loading keep things interesting.

Lifting weights can be intimidating. Being surrounded by iron-pumping people when they really know what they’re doing Fitness makes it less intimidating with iPhone apps that create customized workouts informed by data from over 5.9 million workouts.

The design finds the right balance between the physicality and data science of going to the gym The all-muscled and gun-toting gray hero look captures the essence of weightlifting. Below is a clear explanation of how the app works and why the real data mobile app is different from other weightlifting apps.

AI-powered SaaS applications often place too much weight on the big brain refinement of their product Fitness IF doesn’t go hand in hand with the complexity of data science They make it easy for everyone to understand how it works

Travel Mobile App Landing Page Wireframe Template

This design with.

With this app for iOS, Android and desktop, HouseParty gives your friends and family the chance to digitally hang out on each other’s screens.

If you are a designer who loves content with bold color schemes and large categories, this web design should give you plenty of inspiration. The visuals are bold but never tiring while navigating

It wastes time to explain why you should download this mobile app Content breaks down HouseParty’s message into key points:

Examples Of Landing Pages For Maximizing Mobile App Downloads

Combined with direct to point copy, this complex design communicates everything you want to know about the app

Asana Rebel helps you with the self-care you need throughout the day, features that keep your body and mind healthy. Whether you want to exercise more, sleep better or eat less fat, Asana Rebel empowers people to use mobile devices to build better habits.

Asana Rebel’s website has a stunning design with a comfortable amount of negative space for mobile screenshots and text blocks. People’s messages about improving their lives are never lost with plenty of photos of active people

Want to design a t-shirt in less than a minute? The Shirt app allows you to channel your creativity and put it into what you wear

App Landing Page Design On Behance

The site is a work in progress, but here is a

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