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Good communication between team members is essential to the performance and success of any organization. However, 60% of companies do not have a long-term internal communication strategy. This is a risky position, as poor internal communication can lower morale, decrease employee productivity, and increase employee turnover.

Internal Communications Apps

Fortunately, there are many employee communication tools that can help. Using it will increase employee satisfaction and engagement, as well as reduce inbox clutter. However, with so many options available, choosing the right one for your team can be a challenge.

Internal Communication Tools Your Company Should Have

In this article, I will review the best internal communication tools to help you find the functionality that best suits your needs.

What should I look for when choosing the best employee communication software? Here is a summary of my evaluation criteria:

Here is a brief description of each employee communication software to present the best use cases for each tool, some key features, and images to give you an idea of ​​the interface.

Workvivo’s communication features include mobile access and SMS push notifications, keeping all employees up to date.

Internal Communications [guide 2023] Meltwater

Workvivo is an employee engagement app designed to foster engagement and an emotional connection between your employees and your company culture, no matter where they are. The platform is a state-of-the-art intranet, collaboration platform, and communication hub, all combined in a single social network.

The system supports traditional communication features such as company news and event updates, as well as SMS push notifications to all employees for important messages. In addition, you can use live video streaming platforms, such as general meetings, to increase management transparency through multimedia interaction with all employees. These systems can also host podcasts that offer a deeper window into company culture and have been shown to promote greater engagement than traditional company newsletters or emails. offers passive and active communication channels where you can collect relevant information from dashboards and reports, or send messages, comments, tag people, and create polls. is marketed primarily as a workflow tool for organizational scale, but it also has some HR features. It is not a pure HR software, but a useful tool with many basics, especially when it comes to internal communication and collaboration (which are very good).

Internal Communications App: 8 Key Points To Get Started can be your daily workflow management tool for deadlines, HR workflow and resource tracking with built-in communication features like comments, approvals, @ tags, notifications and alerts, customizable dashboards, built-in mailboxes, likes social-esc and email integration.

For better employee communication functionality, take advantage of the “document” system, where you can create collaborative or read-only company manuals, checklists, or wikis. You can also create a “request form” so that your employees can easily report problems or new ideas on the platform. integrations include project management apps like Slack, Google Workspace, Gmail, Jira, GitHub, Trello, Dropbox, Typeform and more available through paid Zapier plans.

SnapComms is an employee communication solution that supports workplace communication and employee engagement through a single platform. The software uses a visual display of important places to go through emails so that important information can be sent to the workplace update team.

The Yammer Guide To Internal Communications

All this is achieved through a proprietary application that can be used on any device including a mobile phone, tablet or desktop device. You can keep your remote employees up to date and easily connect them to the wider organization.

Connecteam is an internal communication software designed for HR professionals, HR managers and business owners to communicate, manage, onboard and train freelancers and new hires wherever they are.

Available on mobile, desktop, or as a tablet kiosk, Connecteam is built for remote and remote teams. From retail and restaurants to manufacturing, construction, field service and healthcare, Connecteam is used by thousands of businesses in dozens of industries to connect and manage their mobile workforce.

Connecteam comes with dedicated employee communication channels with targeted updates, team engagement features, surveys, surveys, group or one-to-one chat features, suggestion boxes to collect employee feedback, searchable company directories, organizational chats, learning and onboarding capabilities . , corporate libraries, time management, digital forms and checklists, and quick tasks.

Best Employee Communication Software For Internal Comms

Connecteam is designed to streamline communication outside the office, even on the go. It’s easy to use, customizable, and quick to set up.

Connecteam starts at an average cost of $39 per month. They also offer a 14-day free trial. Freemium plans with limited features are also available.

PeopleOne is a communication and employee engagement platform that aims to improve internal communication. It comes with features that have been defined for HR, IT, facilities and business groups, helping to send relevant news, holiday calendar, health information, events and messages with guidance. The software ensures clear instructions on content creation, permissions, and approval mechanisms.

This solution is a great choice for corporate communications as it can support custom workflows to help organizations work more efficiently. Using SharePoint Microsoft Office 365, PeopleOne enables the distribution of company news, events, and announcements, while a document management system provides access to processes, policies, and procedures. Managers can also use software to connect with employees and share information, thoughts, and ideas.

Employee Communication App: Choosing Communication Mobile App In 2022

PeopleOne lets you customize your company brand, including colors, logos, and themes, so employees can connect to your organization. In addition, there are themes available for various occasions and festivals to bring the holiday spirit to every employee.

PeopleOne has built-in integrations with major email and messaging platforms, Office 365, and social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. They also have iOS and Android apps that allow teams to communicate, collaborate, and collaborate seamlessly anywhere, anytime.

Empuls is an employee engagement solution designed to improve company culture and revitalize the entire digital workplace. Community leaders use Empuls to create a culture of appreciation, bring teams together, break down silos, and give every employee a voice.

Empuls offers features such as individual feedback, homework and social media recognition, and various benefits such as rewards and perks. With Empuls, your HR team can focus on developing a reward and recognition strategy and not get bogged down in operational complexities.

Internal Comms Apps & Software For Employee Communication

Empuls also allows you to create an internal communication center with a social intranet platform and motivate employees with selected rewards when they perform well and exceed expectations. You can also run incentive programs that improve business performance, align employee recognition programs with company culture and values, and make recognition smooth, honest, social, and fun. You can also measure the impact of employee engagement initiatives and mood with real-time feedback.

Workmates by HR Cloud is an employee engagement platform with built-in organizational charts and customizable communication channels to facilitate cross-departmental collaboration. It comes with a content management system (CMS) that makes it easy to manage and share company information. In addition, you can send important announcements to a shared audience list and even mark them as must-read.

Colleagues has a customized news feed, employee profiles, event and calendar notifications, messaging and chat ⁠— almost everything you need to present a connected and engaged workforce. You can make the solution as lean as possible. For example, you can only use the reward and recognition system to report the company’s victories. Or you can use an internal workspace network for a more holistic approach to communication and security.

Coworkers can even help you set up your company’s social networking platform where you can connect with colleagues, share news and updates, and celebrate awards. It works on all devices, through any web browser using the dedicated iOS or Android app.

Improve Internal Communication In The Workplace

Workmates integrates with Staffbase, ADP, Quickbooks, Ultipro, SAP, LEVER, Kompas, Greenhouse, JazzHR, Workable, TalentLyft, Smart Recruiters, Checkr, Indeed, Ziprecruiter, Glassdoor, Slack, Twilio and more.

Staffbase keeps all employees updated on company news and events, from the back office to the front line employees.

Staffbase aims to solve employee communication problems by bringing together different teams in different locations. This end-to-end internal communication platform helps you distribute important content to employees throughout your organization.

Using Staffbase Experience Studio, editors can plan, create, and publish content and then measure its impact. Distributed editors can add local content without the need for technical skills.

What Is The Best Internal Communications Software For Your Business?

Staffbase is a mobile solution designed to optimize effective internal communication in large, distributed organizations. Employee mobile apps integrate with company intranet software to facilitate company-wide communication. As a result, team members get the quick response they need, and management gets details and reports.

You can use Blink to send updates and schedules that can be viewed on mobile devices to keep employees in the loop even when they’re out in the field.

Blink is employee communication software that runs on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. It contains an extensive employee directory with profile photos, job titles, departments, locations, skills, contact information, and more to build professional relationships and promote engagement. Blink has workplace analytics features that allow users to evaluate the effectiveness of internal communication methods.

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