Best Kindergarten Ipad Apps

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Welcome! If you like our posts, you can always find our latest news on Facebook, Twitter and take a look at our activities and behind the scenes of our family life on Instagram. Please note that this post may contain affiliate links or product reviews for which we may receive compensation. For more information, please see our terms and conditions and sponsor pages. Thanks for visiting!

Best Kindergarten Ipad Apps

In this day and age, technology can provide great opportunities for learning at any age, not to mention taking the place of heavy books and handfuls of toys in your diaper bag when you’re on the go. Last week, we highlighted our 15 favorite iPad apps for babies and toddlers. This week we’re looking at Big M’s current favorites – 21 apps for preschoolers!

A Place Called Kindergarten: I Love My New Ipad!!

Both my girls have been exposed to technology since childhood. As with many things in life, moderation and parental control are key. My girls have an iPad (my husband’s old iPad) and we have restricted it so they can only access the apps we have installed on it. They can’t buy add-ons, make in-app purchases, or go online. My husband and I keep an iPad, and we limit our use to it: it’s usually used in the bathroom, on long car trips or flights, and on stormy days or sick days when we can’t go out to play. At restaurants or in the grocery cart, I made sure to hand out my iPhone to appease a hungry or cranky child until the food arrived or we passed the checkout. So yes, our kids have screen time, but always in moderation and always with parental guidance and supervision. Oh, and we protect the iPad from destruction with this iGuy case… it comes in a variety of colors, they make versions that fit iPads 1-4 as well as the latest models. And most importantly, Lil’ M has yet to destroy him, his iPad, or remove his iPad!

I can’t tell you what a godsend the iPad has been for potty training, especially when we’ve been working on #2, which takes time and patience. The iPad was a great source of entertainment during those pesky times, and Potty Time with Elmo was an added bonus with one of Big M’s favorite characters talking and singing about using the potty. Includes a story with interactive pages and songs, use of a table with small prizes and puzzles.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Daniel Tiger’s Day and Night also feature one of our favorite characters, Big M. If you’re not familiar with the PBS show, it’s an animated spin-off of our childhood favorite, Mr. Rogers. Starring: Daniel Tiger and his friends, Prince Wednesday (son of King Friday), Catherine Kitty Cat, Miss Elaine and O Sawa. Each episode covers a simple struggle for a toddler or preschooler. The first app also gives kids a fun way to experience mundane experiences like going to the doctor, using the bathroom, and getting ready for bed. “Day and Night” are great songs to go with your morning routine and before bed. They are very catchy and Big M made me sing her good night every night before bed!

My husband and I are both financiers by education and major mathematicians. That’s why I’m so proud that Big M already has a love for math and numbers. These apps teach great early math skills like sorting, patterns, counting and matching. Big M is also interested in animals these days, and Animal School Day and ABC Wildlife are great early science apps that teach all about different animals, what makes them the same and different, and even explore their habitats.

The Best Apps For Special Needs Kids

Candy Count is a great introduction to number concepts, counting and one-to-one matching, as well as color. It will help the child sort different candies by color, count the number in each jar, choose who has less and who has more, and even arrange the jars by number. It’s free to start, with the option to add additional features for a fee.

Today it’s a Big M app. Includes sorting and matching products by type, color and shape. It’s also more “gamy” than other educational programs, with an element of speed, especially as you progress through the various games. There is also a story mode.

At $2.99, it may seem expensive, but it’s 18 different games that challenge math and fine motor skills in one app. From dot-to-dot mazes to pattern making, counting and sorting, you can just have this one app and teach all the basic math concepts. There are also some basic games like tic-tac-toe and memory.

It’s definitely pricey at $6.99, but Big M loves it! After Elmo, the BubbleGuppies were Big M’s favorite TV characters. Animal School Day covers 10 different animals, with four different games to play with each one. You can play the games individually or master each animal by playing the games sequentially. Games include finding similarities and differences between animals (find all animals with wings or all animals with spots), animal breakfast time where you find out what food the animals eat, lunch time where you find out what we eat by maneuvering different boxes for lunch castles and animal habitats where you will learn about the environment in which animals live.

Best Educational Apps For Kids & Online Resources: Kids Of All Ages

Even I love it and learned a lot about animals I never knew! With several animals per letter of the alphabet, the app covers over a hundred different animals, providing National Geographic-quality images, videos, interactive mini-games and animal facts. One downside is that we limit our children’s access to YouTube and the internet – both of which are required to access the full functionality of this app.

These programs introduce basic literacy skills: letters, letter sounds, making words from letters, writing letters and numbers, learning to tell stories and puzzles. Yes, puzzles develop early literacy skills! Jigsaw puzzles teach children how to solve problems so that puzzle pieces fit together into a whole picture, just as you need to put letters together to form words and words into sentences to tell a story.

Big M becomes obsessed with puzzles at about 18 months. She has loved this app since around that age and still loves it as the puzzles increase in difficulty. With 30 puzzles ranging from 4-5 large pieces that you simply fit into the picture, to 15+ blank tiles, this app is suitable for ages 0-6.

We started with the free version of this app, First Words Sampler, but Big M loved it so much and picked up the short animal words so quickly that we upgraded to the full Deluxe version. You can choose a category of words (animals, colors, shapes, etc.) or all words, and the app will suggest a picture, say the word, and jumbled letters that you need to drag into the shaded area to spell the word. The name of the letter is spoken as it slides.

Best Educational Apps For Kids

They’re great – the animations are great and so much fun that kids don’t even realize they’re learning while playing them. Both feature monsters that make puns. Endless ABC shows words as you move jumbled letters to spell a word, they sound out phonetically. When you complete a word, the scene uses it in a sentence and plays it. Endless Reader goes even further by teaching the words on the site. You write words and then put them into sentences. Big M loves them both!

Which provides countless hours of fun, from lining up all the animals, matching them two by two, and playing matching games with real animal images. One day I realized that while we were playing with him all the time, she didn’t know the story about Noah’s ark. I asked my cousin to recommend a good children’s Bible and she recommended this one. Searching for it, I found it has a great app.

We are Catholic, and although we are not very religious, I consider knowing the basic Bible stories to be an important part of the literary canon, not to mention the foundation of our faith. Bible for Beginners is free with a few well-known Bible stories to start with and allows you to add more stories with in-app purchases. They will read

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