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Servicenow Return To Workplace Apps – , the leading digital workflow company that makes work work better for people, today launched Safe Workplace, a suite of apps and dashboards designed to help companies manage critical steps to get employees back into the workplace and support everyone’s health and safety Available immediately, the Safe Workplace suite of apps powered by the Now Platform.

“Let’s get the world healthy, safe and back to the workplace,” said Bill McDermott, CEO. “ is helping companies manage the complex workflows needed to keep employees healthy and their workplaces safe. The Safe Workplace suite of apps and dashboards are designed to make returning to the workplace work for everyone.”

Servicenow Return To Workplace Apps

Safe Workplace Apps and Dashboard has expanded its job portfolio with the Safe Workplace suite of apps. Powered by the Now Platform, the suite includes four new apps and a dashboard that help companies assess their workforce and workplace readiness as they prepare for employees to return to the workplace.

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“In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, business transformation is happening before our eyes and organizations are relying on technology to empower employees and digitize their processes,” said Josh Bersin, global industry analyst and dean of the Josh Bersin Academy . “The Safe Workplace security app is exactly the kind of solution organizations need to effectively manage the return to the workplace and optimize the employee experience.”

To support the workforce readiness efforts of companies led by the Department of Human Resources, IT, Legal Services and Workplaces, the following applications have been published:

Employee Readiness Survey: Helps organizations assess their workforce’s level of readiness to return to the workplace by presenting and eliciting employee responses to a series of questions that address employees’ personal readiness and level of interest to return to the workplace. Based on employee responses, employers can determine necessary and appropriate steps to help ensure safe and secure re-entry for employees.

Employee Health Screening: Allows companies to screen employees before entering the workplace to ensure compliance with entry requirements such as temperature checks and personal protective equipment (PPE), allowing employers to determine whether it is safe for the employee to enter the workplace. The app also provides a dashboard to view trends by location and record employee returns to facilities.

Ready Your Workforce: Servicenow’s New Employee Experience Pack

Workplace Safety Management: Enable workplace facilities and services managers to quickly set up clean and hygienic and socially distanced workplaces so employees can safely return to the workplace. The app allows managers to schedule employees to occupy these workspaces for a specific amount of time and set up cleaning times at the end of each shift. Out-of-the-box reports and dashboards give managers a real-time view of workplace bookings and booking thresholds across floors, buildings and sites. Jobsite managers also have a real-time view of the status of cleaning jobs, including a comprehensive audit history.

Workplace PPE Inventory Management: Help organizations manage and monitor PPE inventory needs to ensure the physical safety of their workforce. The app’s dashboard provides a comprehensive view of inventory by facility, as well as an aggregated view of the entire job site with historical data on how equipment levels have changed over time. Inventory levels can be updated daily for accurate, real-time management.

Using the power of the Now Platform, bring all the data these apps collect into one view with your Safe Workplace dashboard. Available free of charge, the dashboard allows visualization of the data collected by these applications and will be superimposed on a map with aggregated public data on infection rates. This allows organizations to see how infections appear geographically and drill down into specific workplaces. Sites are tagged with indicators that show a business’ ability to open and stay open based on workforce and workplace readiness.

“At Lincoln, we have teams across the organization working tirelessly to develop, communicate and execute a plan to return our employees to the workplace,” said Lisa M. Buckingham, executive vice president and chief people officer, Place and brand officer, Lincoln Financial. Group. “There is no margin for error when it comes to the health and safety of our employees, and given the ever-changing circumstances and many factors at play, technology solutions like these are invaluable in coordinating, monitoring and evaluating our plans and progress. . they are effective”.

Making Smarter It Decisions With Apptio Plus Servicenow

Returning employees to the workplace requires careful planning, execution and skill on the part of organizations. Business functions across the enterprise – from IT and HR to workplace services and legal – must work together to create a safe and productive experience for all employees, whether they return to the workplace or continue to work from home. These are workflow issues. Complex, functional workflows are essential to providing employees with the services and experiences they need to do their jobs smoothly and efficiently, no matter where they are.

Complete employee workflow products make these experiences and more happen simply and easily. For example, existing targeted campaign capabilities can inform different groups of employees – such as employees located in specific geographic regions or in certain departments – about returning to workplace plans, engage employees for feedback and initiate workflows to take action. based on that feedback. In addition, the Lifecycle Event Engine can create workflows associated with the employee’s journey – such as return to work, subscriptions, transfers and leave. Lifecycle Event features can be used to automate processes spanning HR, IT, Workplace Services and other functions to support a seamless return of employees to the workplace.

Organizations that are digitally transformed with digital workflows in place will be better able to return to work more efficiently, productively and securely. is committed to helping its customers manage during this pandemic and making returning to the workplace work for everyone.

Introducing a customer care program to support customers as they focus on maintaining business operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of the March announcement, the company launched four community apps that help government agencies and businesses manage complex emergency response workflows. These apps are available for customers to access for free until September 30, 2020. To date, nearly 6,000 installations have been completed.

Return To Work Solution

Today it also released the latest news on two of these apps to further support companies as they return their workforce to a traditional workplace. These updates include:

Self-Emergency Report: This app helps an employee notify his employer that he is quarantined and when the employee will return to the workplace and provides job support for the employer. The app now supports Now Mobile so employees can self-assess on their desktop or mobile devices.

Emergency App: This app helps companies connect with their employees to measure impact. Employers can be contacted by email to provide information and security measures and request a response to confirm the safety and whereabouts of their workers. Employers can also take advantage of the Now Mobile App to push notifications to employees via mobile phone for responses. Emergency Outreach has been updated to integrate with other communication channels like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Community for the Global Community Everywhere, we recognize that many people are in need of support due to COVID-19. and its team has grown in recent months with a commitment of $1.5 million. Corporate grantees include the American Red Cross, CDC Foundation, International Medical Corps, Mayor’s Fund for the Advancement of New York City, Second Harvest of Silicon Valley, Silicon Valley Community Foundation and the United Nations Foundation. These funds will help address a range of COVID-19-related relief efforts, including providing training, food and personal protective equipment for frontline medical staff and other essential workers, food and housing support for families and needy individuals, grants, and small business interests. loans and more

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© 2020, Inc. All rights reserved. , the logo, Now and other marks are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of , Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. Other company names, product names and logos may be trademarks of their respective companies and are associated SANTA CLARA, Calif.–( BUSINESS WIRE )–ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW) today announced updates to its Workplace Service Delivery solution . to support employees and facility teams in an increasingly hybrid work environment that requires flexible and agile workplace service management applications. ServiceNow gives employees a consumer-grade mobile experience for booking workspaces, conference rooms and services and navigating their workplace. For businesses, ServiceNow’s delivery service solution provides the data and information needed to better inform real estate pricing and optimization.

ServiceNow’s Workplace Service Delivery solution addresses an urgent and growing need for businesses and their employees to reopen their offices and return to the workplace seamlessly. Native mobile multi-channel solutions automate inquiries, reservations and repairs so employees can focus on meaningful work.

Juliana Beauvais, research manager at IDC, said: “Organizations are quickly realizing that work is not just a place, but an activity, accelerating the need for digital transformation. “The future of work will be hybrid and distributed. Companies need to automate complex workflows across an enterprise to improve productivity and enhance the employee experience.”

ServiceNow has been at the forefront of the COVID response since its inception

Servicenow Transforms Hybrid Work With New Solutions To Help Offices Reopen Smoothly

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