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Audio Mix Apps – When we talk about DJs, our minds turn to the traditional DJ set as we know it.But how can we bring all the DJ setup features to our mobile phones?The traditional way , you can tap the flat screen instead. There are some of the best DJ apps for Android and iOS that you should try.So you can play as a DJ via Android and iOS devices (iPhone and iPad).

Don’t get me wrong if you think these apps put the traditional DJ set to shame. But it should be considered an easier way to mix music, especially for amateurs. So there’s no reason not to check out the list below of the 9 best apps for DJing via Android and iOS.

Audio Mix Apps

His one of the best DJ apps for Android and iOS that you can find on the Play Store is Music Maker JAM. This app made it to the top of our popularity list. This is why Music Maker JAM works much like a traditional DJ suite. With this app, you can create beats, record audio, add effects and even more audio packages to choose from.

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The basic service is free, but if you want more advanced features, you’ll need to purchase a premium upgrade to upgrade.But the good news is that this app isn’t just for DJs. This means that you can record your own original songs with this app, even if it is a common music track.

In fact, djay 2 was originally created for iOS users and is one of the best DJ apps for iPhone and iPad. However, as it became more popular, developers created an Android version of him, and it didn’t take long for the app to become popular as well. The main reason is that this app has his Spotify integration. So you have a lot of choices of songs to mix.

Not to mention, it also comes with basic DJ features like automixing, effects, looping, pitch mixes, cue points and more. So if you want casual gatherings like parties, djay 2 is the app for you.

Another option for the best DJ apps for Android and iOS that shouldn’t be missed on this list is Edjing Max. Use this app more and buy premium apps to get even more benefits. In addition to the basic functions, you can purchase in-app to feed your DJ soul.

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A favorite highlight of his Edjing Mix is ​​his Deezer support for a local library containing 16 samples. Using these samples he can sync two tracks and create loops. Not to mention, you can access SoundCloud from this app. In addition to both, there are turntables, crossfaders and even the ability to upload your musical creations directly from the app.

If you’re looking for a DJ app with comprehensive features, check out DJ Studio 5. Moreover, the developer promises that the basic app will be free and watermark-free. Free features include 8 sound effects, 10 sample keyboards, live mix recording, equalizer and more.

However, if you’re not satisfied with the free features, you can also add purchasable features. Last but not least, this app is supported by Spotify. Also, if you want a more impressive working environment, you can install a hardware controller that works with this app. Unfortunately, this app is only available for Android devices.

Some say Cross DJ made him #1 on his list of best DJ apps for Android, iPhone and iPad. It is an application that accurately detects BPM. Needless to say, the app has the usual features like track sync and beatgrid editing. Also, Cross DJ finished with his 5 pitch bend levels (4, 8, 16, 32, 100%).

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You can also get more advanced features through in-app purchases. Sample tracks, automatic mixers, and external mixer support are various features that must be purchased before you can use them. Purchasing also gets rid of annoying ads and gives access to more features.Many people say this app is a solid app that helps them pursue their DJing ethos.

Another option for the best DJ apps for iOS that you should consider installing if you are an amateur DJ is Party Mixer 3D. Because you can start using this app right away, even if you don’t know anything about DJs. This means the app is easy to use for new users.

So even people with different DJ backgrounds can create music with this app. Popular features that you can try in this app like crossfade, pitch change, speed change and even add effects.

With over 5 million downloads, DiscDj 3D Music Player has to be on the list of best DJ apps for Android. This app is preferred by many as it minimizes the DJ set into his one fully featured portable device. So you don’t need to carry around heavy equipment, just one small gadget that you can operate anytime, anywhere.

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This app allows you to import audio files and mix them using the app’s built-in interface and tools. DiscDj 3D Music Player has a difficult interface for laymen, but it’s an app that can be mastered over time.

DJ Mix Pads 2 should be on this list of best DJ apps for Android and iOS for its convenience. The reason is that anyone can play with this app and mix some sounds together. So your curious little kid can become a world-class DJ with this app.

So even if you don’t have a musical background you can still enjoy creating something new with this app. It’s up to the app to start creating new sounds or take a shortcut by mixing several sounds. What’s more, since this app is for amateurs, you can use the app and start making voices as you like.

Developed by Pioneer DJ, his WeDJ features club-quality DJ equipment. So if you want the ultimate DJ experience, you should install this app. This app allows you to play and mix music stored on your phone. You can then use performance and FX features to create your sound.

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It also has other features such as 2-channel layout, beat sync, pre-queuing, transfader and more. Also, to play a track, you can choose to play it in a loop or based on hot cues. Not to mention, you can also automatically mix and record your music to share with others or listen to.

Some of the best DJ apps for Android and iOS in the list above require a basic knowledge of music, while others are for amateurs only. Choose your option and become a DJ in no time. According to the app above, it can help you follow a DJ’s career or set the mood together.

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