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How Are Mobile Apps Made – When Facebook’s engineers started working on a new approach to mobile apps, they had no idea what they were building would be hailed as the best framework for cross-platform app development.

React Native was officially released as open source in 2015, and in just 5 short years, the framework quickly gained popularity and usage. Here are the GitHub stats for React Native (as of Sep 15, 2019):

How Are Mobile Apps Made

Still, this is a staggering figure for any frame that’s only five years old. In this blog, we compiled a list of 10 popular apps built with React Native.

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React Native is the new buzzword among technologists and developers worldwide. With the strong support of Facebook, our passionate developer community, we are at the forefront of adoption.

React Native is a Javascript framework developed for building native apps for the iOS and Android platforms. The React Native framework caters to the needs of modern application development. With iOS and Android dominating the market as the two operating systems, mobile app developers face a difficult decision: should they create apps that offer a better user experience, or apps that can be developed quickly and run on multiple platforms? are often faced with.

React Native is the perfect solution to this problem. React Native provides faster performance, more dynamic experiences, and allows you to add new features in less time. To understand in detail why the framework has gained so much popularity in such a short amount of time, let’s take a look at why these popular apps were built with React Native.

It’s hard to imagine a world without Instagram today. Get the latest news on your favorite celebrities, find the best home workouts, and share photos of your latest visits with your friends. Instagram covers it all.

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We started small because moving the entire platform to React Native was complex. We decided to change the push notifications originally implemented with WebView to a version based on React Native. The UI design was fairly simple, so it didn’t require much in terms of implementation.

As the company continued to build apps with React Native, one thing that became apparent was the framework’s fast performance. The Instagram development team faced some challenges along the way, but the reusability provided by React Native greatly increased their development speed. Many of today’s post promotions, SMS captcha checkpoints, lead generation ads, comment moderation and push notification features share the same code on Instagram. The company says it will continue developing apps using React Native.

As you may already know, Facebook is a social networking platform that allows users to easily connect with friends and share multimedia content. Facebook started React Native as a hackathon project developed in response to company needs. React Native was developed with the advantages of web development, such as rapid iteration. This is what gave birth to React Native.

React Native has helped improve the performance of the app and has also improved the startup speed of the event dashboard. React Native has helped Facebook deliver the best user experience.

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Airbnb is a vacation rental marketplace that allows people to rent their own homes and helps travelers find the best vacation destinations. Airbnb owners have received thousands of bookings via mobile. They decided to get the app so that the rental market could reach millions of people.

They were looking for a technology that could help them get their app in a fraction of the time and provide users with a native-like experience. The React Native framework ticked all the boxes and one of the popular apps built with React Native was born.

Bloomberg is famous for providing business and financial related updates to its users. They collect all current data to help users analyze real-time market scenarios. Bloomberg uses React Native to design an application for its users. What turned out to be a successful project was a major turnaround for the company.

This React Native app provides users with a streamlined interactive experience with easy access to videos and custom content.

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Before React Native, the Bloomberg team “developed iOS and Android versions in parallel without being able to share most of the code they wrote, which caused delays and iterations,” said Gabriel Lew, senior application engineer at Bloomberg (source). says. The React Native platform has integrated development capabilities that allow Bloomberg developers to focus on one feature at a time. React Native accelerated new product launches by automating code refresh and helped Bloomberg provide users with the latest version of the app immediately.

Gyroscope is a popular fitness and health tracking app that acts as a health kit for its users. The app tracks your steps, measures your heart rate, and tracks activities like meditation, weight loss, and productivity. Data is tracked daily/weekly/monthly and reports are generated.

Since Gyroscope is a health tracking app, it needs to be able to display a large amount of different information whenever the user needs it. React Native provides a clean and attractive way to present it, so your application can easily achieve its core purpose. The React Native framework allowed Gyroscope developers to display all their data in two well-designed views called Cards and Simple.

Tesla is a California electric vehicle and clean energy company. Today they are the largest company in the automotive sector and have produced magnificent vehicles known for their pleasing aesthetics and sophisticated interiors and exteriors.

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An app developed by Tesla provides more features for car owners. The company developed the application using the React Native framework. The app comes with features such as communication with Powerwalls, automatic heating and cooling, and charging progress. The app can track and to some extent control the vehicle.

The company needed a technology that could write a single codebase and update iOS and Android platforms simultaneously. React Native met both of these requirements.

Have you ever ordered food from a restaurant? If so, you may already be using the UberEats app. UberEats is an app developed and maintained by Uber, an online food delivery service. The app offers an easy payment option via wallet and also allows users to track the status of their orders.

The app originally used a web app to display an interface on the user’s mobile device. This resulted in delayed or incomplete information about users, resulting in loss of business.

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With prior experience with React, the transition to React Native was easy for the development team at UberEats. Although the app is not completely written in React Native, the clean UI and smooth functionality can be attributed to React Native.

This Fortune 500 company needs no introduction. Walmart is a multinational retail company that operates chains of discount stores, grocery stores, and supermarkets. Walmart is always focused on providing the best customer experience.

Walmart first added Node.js to its system. Then they took a big risk and moved to the React Native framework. This forced the development team to rewrite the entire code, but their efforts paid off.

Walmart is always looking for ways to improve the customer experience, and to achieve this, it needed a technology that could release frequent changes to both the Android and iOS platforms. React Native emerged as the best choice. React Native allowed the Walmart team to share much of their code base between the two platforms. This React Native app boasts great performance and super-smooth animations.

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Owned by Microsoft, Skype is one of the largest communications platforms. The app provides a chat service that allows users to share files and connect via phone or video call.

Microsoft has a dedicated mobile development framework called Xamarin, but they used React Native for Skype. This is more than enough to prove why React Native is the best choice for cross-platform application development.

Still looking for more reasons. Do not worry. Here are 10 reasons to choose React Native for cross-platform app development.

Skype customers have faced bug issues with the app’s old framework. Skype’s development team found the transition from legacy frameworks to React Native quite challenging. However, React Native has solved these problems faced by users. Microsoft also plans to implement React Native on the Windows desktop with some tweaks.

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Sales is customer relationship management (CRM) using a SaaS deployment model. It allows businesses to connect with their partners, clients and customers.

Salesforce needed a framework that would enable seamless integration between business processes and help build strong customer relationships.

The Salesforce team used React Native to speed up the complex migration process. Salesforce engineers used React Native with the Visualforce framework to enhance the product’s performance.

More brands have invested in the React Native framework. React Native apps are loaded with powerful technology and deliver native performance. If you are thinking of expanding

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