How To Reset Default Apps Samsung

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How To Reset Default Apps Samsung – This is a problem that you may run into regularly. Tap the file you want to open with a particular app, but for some reason, Android keeps opening it with a program you couldn’t care less about. That’s because you’ve selected the wrong app for that file type. You’re in the right place, though. In this short guide, we will walk you through the process of changing default apps on Android.

To change the default apps on Android, go to Settings > Apps > Default apps and select the category you want to set the default app to. Then select the app you want to use for this category.

How To Reset Default Apps Samsung

Editor’s Note: These instructions were compiled using a Pixel 4a with 5G running Android 13. This is a great tool to base any guide on, but some steps may vary depending on your device and software.

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The process used to be very complicated, but Google has made managing default apps an easy task. It’s baked into the settings. Go to your Settings app, select Apps, and then go to Default apps.

From there, you can choose your default browser, call forwarding, caller ID, digital assistant, home launcher, phone, and SMS default applications. You can also open links to edit individual apps on your phone.

Important: This feature is no longer available since Android 12. If you have the latest OS version, you will have to resort to changing your default apps using the guide in the previous section. Those with Android 11 and earlier versions can still use this method.

The Android operating system used a clever concept called “implicit intent”. Typically, if a user or application calls the device to do something like “take a picture,” the operating system will look for an app that can do the job. If more than one option exists, and no preset is selected (or a new option is set if a preset was last set), then Android will ask the user which app they prefer to use. It makes the process of setting default apps easy and smooth.

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The next time you open any link or action, and Android gives you a choice of which app to use, choose the default app you like. You can choose once only or always. Select Always if you want to make that app the default. Operation will remember your choice from then on.

The only problem with doing this is that sometimes people accidentally install a default app that they don’t want. You can follow the steps in the previous section to change your selection. Once you reach the default apps section, go to Open links. Find the app you want to change its preferences for and go to it. You will find all the options you need there.

If you can’t figure out which default app matches you and the option to choose a new default doesn’t appear no matter what you do, there’s still hope!

However, keep in mind that going through this process will enable all disabled apps, reset any app notification options, and remove any background data restrictions or permission restrictions placed on specific apps. You won’t lose any data, but if you play around with your app settings a lot, you might have to do a lot of reconfiguration to get back to what you like.

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If you’re ready to reset an app’s settings, go to your Settings app. Select Apps and notifications, and tap See all apps. Press the three-dot menu button in the top right corner. Tap on Reset App Preferences. Confirm by tapping on Reset Apps.

Android used to ask you which app you wanted to use when you tapped on a link, and there was no obvious app to use. This feature was called implicit intent, and it ended with the launch of Android 12. Only Android 11 and earlier users can access it.

Most of the apps you can set as default apps are organized by category. You can choose your browser, call forwarding, caller ID, digital assistant, launcher, phone and SMS apps. Additionally, you can choose to open links with specific apps. For example, you can open Best Buy links through the Best Buy app instead of using a browser.

It depends on your phone, but in general, Google phones use Google’s own apps whenever possible. Similarly, Samsung can set its apps as default.

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