Apps That Send Money To Africa

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Send money from the UK, EU, US and Canada to Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and South America at high speeds. With fast transfers to mobile wallets on popular networks, you can send money from your smartphone at any time.

Apps That Send Money To Africa

Our easy-to-use smartphone app lets you send money to family and friends with just a few taps and a debit card. No more waiting in line, complicated payments or wondering if your loved ones have received their transfer.

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Sending money is as easy as sending a text message. All you need is your friend’s name and mobile number.

My experience with TapTap Send is good – and cheap! TapTap Send is a great app that I use to send money to my family. I even used it to send money to myself when I was on vacation in Ivory Coast.

TapTap Send is a mind-blowing experience for me because of the excellent transaction rates, fast service and secure transfer process. Money is transferred in seconds and I even earned $10 the first time I used this app. I will share with my friends here in Canada!

Sending money has never been easier! It’s cheap, has a good exchange rate, and is very easy for my family to get out. It’s like you’re in Senegal!😍. It’s the future payment platform for all of Africa. Our solutions provide fast, secure and convenient ways for individuals and businesses to send and receive money in Africa and in their preferred currencies.

Transfer Money Across Africa Through Best Money Transfer App

Specify the details of the recipient. Select the payment channel – mobile wallet or local bank account. Click SEND and wait for us to do our magic

It is a fintech startup with a mission to financially connect individuals and businesses in Africa. This is done by building a financial infrastructure that enables seamless and secure remittances within and outside of Africa in a highly competitive manner. The cost of sending money across Africa is very high and makes the process seamless, cost-effective, fast and efficient. With presence in Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Cameroon, Botswana and Rwanda, it is one of the FinTech startups revolutionizing the way people and businesses transfer money across borders.

Send and receive payments seamlessly across major countries in Africa. Our payment platform connects you with 7 African countries and currencies at the click of a button.

Provides unlimited access to multiple African currencies for easy cross-border transactions. You can deposit, hold and exchange your money in CFA, GHC, UGX, NGN, KES and ZAR. No need to manage multiple bank accounts.

Secure Online Payments & International Money Transfers

We offer competitive rates to help you save money on cross-border transactions. So say no to obnoxious fees and high exchange rates while using it.

Thanks to our bank-grade encryption, you can send and receive money without fear. Multi-factor authentication to enjoy an extra level of security and control over your money and data.

Whether you want to transfer or exchange from one currency to another, a user-friendly interface ensures payment. You can easily navigate our mobile and web apps without any hassle.

Ditch banking protocols, lengthy paperwork and delayed transactions with fast and secure cross-border payments. Enjoy fast money transfers and bill payments.

Money Transfer To East Africa Just Got A Lot Easier Thanks, To Wave

Do you have questions or need help? Our dedicated support team is ready to ease your worries and ensure a hassle-free experience.

Our dedicated team of cyber security experts and experienced developers are constantly working to keep your funds and data as safe and secure as possible.

Whether you need to transfer money online or send money to family and friends, our services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to cover you.

We offer a multi-currency wallet that allows you to hold and quickly convert between the currencies we offer including NGN, KES, ZAR, RWF, UGX, ZMW and BWP.

Send Money To Nigeria From The Usa

Securely top up mobile airtime 24/7 in 10 African countries. Airtime will be credited to the recipient immediately.

Our platform allows you to quickly and securely send money to your loved ones’ mobile wallets or bank accounts.

Send or receive UGX from friends and family in Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa, Cameroon and Rwanda. Send money quickly and securely to mobile wallets and local bank accounts in the currencies we support.

Whether you want to send money to your suppliers and business partners or pay your employees anywhere in the world. It offers secure and hassle-free money transfers at the best rates in the industry.

Brighton Takawira Uses The Mukuru Remittance App Which Enables Him To Send Money And Groceries Home To Family In Zimbabwe From His Home In Pinetown, South Africa, October 21, 2020. Picture Taken

Leverage APIs to expand your digital footprint in Africa by accessing over 30% of Africa’s mobile wallets and bank accounts. Fintechs and MTOs can integrate payment options with mobile wallets and bank accounts with the Transfer API. Developers can use our APIs to create payment options for software and digital products with a single line of code. Money Transfer is known as the best online money transfer service in South Africa. Our service allows you to send and receive money from over 168 countries around the world.

I am Aluved Chakona. I joined Remittance on 1 July 2021 as Regional Manager for Gauteng Province. I have more than 3 years experience in money transfer industry. I manage a team of 200 sales agents across the state. As a group, our ambition is to provide world-class services to current and potential clients who use the funds to repatriate.

If you need help signing up for the app or need help sending money home, chat with Dadirai directly on WhatsApp. She will be available to answer any questions you may have.

This is why we have chosen to expand our reach and offer money transfer services in Zimbabwe. Learn more about how to send and receive money from Zimbabwe.

Domestic Money Transfer To Grow To $3.4 Trillion

Money Transfer is known as the best online money transfer service in South Africa. Our service allows you to send and receive money from one hundred and sixty two countries around the world. Over the past few years we at Money Transfers have seen significant growth with our Zimbabwean clients. The growth and demand for online money transfers in Zimbabwe seems to be growing at a steady pace.

Money transfer was first established in 2010 with the goal of making it easier for people around the world to send and receive money. We are a division of Money Forex (Pty) Ltd and our company is a South African Reserve Bank (SARS) Licensed Dealer Authority (ADLA).

We at Money Transfers know how important it is for our loved ones to be able to send and receive money. That’s why we wanted to create a company that helps people transfer money to family, friends and other loved ones. Most of our clients are looking for convenient and fast ways to transfer money from South Africa to Zimbabwe. The growth we have experienced in our company over the past few years has led us to decide to bring competitive pricing models and excellent service to Zimbabwe. We currently have over one hundred and fifty payment points that pay in United States Dollars (USD). Our customers in Zimbabwe will be pleased to know that we will be providing more accessibility to users over the next few months.

Money Transfers has an innovative way of helping its customers with online money transfers. We have created an easy-to-use mobile application that allows the user to send or receive money online.

How To Send Money To Someone In Niger

To use our service to send or receive money online, the first thing you need to do is download our mobile application software to your device. The Money Transfers app is available for download from the Google PlayStore and the Apple App Store. Once you have successfully downloaded and installed the software on your device, the next step is to register as an active user on our platform.

To register, all you have to do is fill the necessary details in the fields mentioned. Once your details are filled in, you will be asked to send a clear picture of your South African ID and ID. After entering these photos, you can click on the registration button to complete this process.

Once the registration process is complete, you can access all the services of our application. Before sending money to your friends and family, you must make sure that you are added as a user in our system.

You can manage and create new users by simply clicking the “Add User” button in the app. This will take you to where you need to fill in your user details. After filling the online form, you can click on the ‘Finish’ button to complete the process.

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