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Amazon’s Fire tablets are sorted in the usual order: small, medium and large; they cost less than the iPad; and often suitable for reading and watching movies or TV shows with content provided by Amazon itself. The company doesn’t update them as often as its competitors, sometimes taking years between upgrades. This year, the flagship Fire HD 10 was updated, bringing with it a redesigned size, better performance and several new settings that you can choose from when you buy it.

Productivity Apps Kindle Fire

Despite the updates, many things remain the same. The Fire HD 10 is a great, affordable tablet from Amazon for consuming content like Kindle books, movies and TV shows, and audiobooks. It can also access other popular streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu and HBO Max. Kids Edition is great for parents who want to limit their children’s access or how much screen time they can spend each day. But if you’re looking for a tablet to replace your laptop or for serious work, the Fire HD 10 isn’t it.

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The Fire HD 10 family (yes, three vehicles now full of options) currently includes the $150 standard model, the $180 Fire HD 10 Plus, the $200 HD 10 Kids Pro, and the $200 HD 10 Kids Pro. includes the type (These are full MSRP prices; Amazon regularly discounts products, so you’ll have to wait for a sale if you want to buy one.) All three of them—the Fire HD 10, Fire HD 10 Kids, and Fire HD 10 Kids Pro—have the same device; The Fire HD 10 Plus adds an extra gigabyte of RAM, a touchscreen, and wireless charging.

The HD 10 and 10 Plus are available with 32GB or 64GB of storage; Children’s models are only available with 32 GB. Both support microSD card storage up to 1TB. The Fire HD 10 is available in four non-standard colors, the 10 Plus only comes in black, and the Kids version comes in a variety of color cases. Finally, the HD 10 and 10 Plus include Amazon’s ad blocking; You can pay an additional $15 to remove them when you buy the tablet or after the fact.

Amazon is not only expanding the customization options available for the Fire HD 10, but also increasing the number of accessories you can choose from. The biggest innovation is a $50 detachable keyboard case that works with the Fire HD 10 or 10 Plus. You can get the tablet, keyboard case, and a year of Microsoft 365 in the Productivity Bundle for $220 or $250, depending on which Fire HD 10 you choose. It’s Amazon’s answer to the iPad Pro and other tablets that aim to be more than just portable devices. You can also opt for a $40 wireless charging dock from Anker that’s designed specifically for the Fire HD 10 Plus and turns it into an Alexa-enabled smart display. Then there’s the standard $40 color-coordinated kit, which works with either model and offers vertical or horizontal protection.

It’s a complete version of what they consider to be a simple, almost shopping experience. I’ll go deep, but if you’re going to buy one and want TL; DR, my advice is to get a 32GB Fire HD 10 in whatever color you want and a separate micro SD card to expand the storage.

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This year’s Fire HD 10 comes with a significant improvement over the 2019 model: the bezels around the screen are now the same, making it easier to hold and giving it a more modern look than before. The trims on the long side are actually slightly larger, but the trims on the short sides are smaller than they are, resulting in a smaller footprint overall. Amazon rounded off the corners and gave it an iPad-like silhouette, and it’s eight times lighter at under a pound. It has a hard plastic chassis that feels a bit cheap, but the finish covers every fingerprint. I wish Amazon would find a way to include some kind of fingerprint scanner or biometric authentication, because typing in a PIN code to unlock the tablet every time feels like a decade back.

Inside those thin bezels is a 10.1-inch 1080p display, which the company claims is 10% brighter than the previous model. Especially good screen for this price: very sharp, color saturation and works well at home. It’s still not great in direct sunlight – 10% brightness or not – and it won’t compare to the best displays from Samsung or Apple, but I don’t think anyone buying this tablet will complain about the screen quality.

None of the Fire HD 10 models have active stylus support, so if you want to take screenshots or create sketches, none of them are the best choice. If that’s a feature you want, you’ll pay more for one of the Samsung or Apple tablets.

The back of the Fire HD 10 is a hard plastic that’s fingerprint-resistant and should be solid, if not premium quality.

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Amazon has moved the front-facing camera from short to long, just like on iPads, so video calls in landscape mode aren’t as difficult. The 2 megapixel camera is still not very good, with lots of noise, lost detail and poor color. The same can be said for the 5-megapixel camera on the back. It might work well for the occasional document check, but the phone in your pocket almost always has a better camera attached.

The new Fire HD 10 has the same 2GHz octa-core MediaTek MT8183 processor used in the previous model. But this time it’s paired with 3GB of RAM (a 50 percent increase) that provides a significant improvement in the tablet’s performance. Apps open faster, navigating between the home screen and menus is faster, and it’s generally less user-friendly. Not yet

Tablet (4K video in the browser), but it doesn’t come out nearly as well as the last one.

Amazon claims up to 12 hours of battery life between charges, and while I haven’t done any official testing, experience leads me to believe that’s true. The Fire HD 10 can easily shoot multiple movies in a row, and unlike Apple’s new iPads, it won’t drain battery life while sitting idle. A USB-C port is there for charging, but it’s not very fast. Amazon says it will take four hours to fully charge the computer using a 9W charging brick. You can reduce this time by using a fast charger; It took about two hours to fully charge with a 30W USB-C charger.

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Amazon hasn’t changed the speaker mode, which consists of two speakers on the top edge (when you keep the tablet in landscape mode), which I wish it had, because it’s the weakest part of the movie experience with the Fire HD 10. The speakers are loud enough, but not as full or clear as on other tablets, and they’re not pleasant to listen to. Fortunately, there’s still a 3.5mm jack and Bluetooth support for using headphones.

The Fire HD 10’s best feature is its screen, which is better than you’d expect from a $150 tablet.

Another thing Amazon hasn’t changed in a long time is its software. Fire HD 10 is the latest version of the company’s Fire OS based on the long-running Android 9 platform. It feels dated compared to current Android phones. There’s no gesture-based interface, like the old home, back, and recent buttons at the bottom, and there’s no automatic brightness and dark mode in the software or any other niceties. It is common in newer versions of Android.

Amazon uses the home screen to promote content, apps, videos, and more for free. A “Home” page, meaning a personalization page, is one big ad for apps and videos you don’t own. Once you get into the real program, those annoyances disappear, but it’s not a fun way to get there.

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The biggest software problem remains: Amazon’s lack of access to Google Play

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