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Best Easy Game Apps – The New York Times describes Spelling Bee, a popular daily word game, as “a puzzle in which players try to form words from seven unique letters while using the middle letter at least once.” But die-hard Spelling Bee fans describe it more as a “lifestyle.”

Unfortunately, Spelling Bee only offers one puzzle per day, which leaves us hungry for more vocabulary-building exercises. Fortunately, there are plenty of other fun word game apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones to satisfy our cravings. Adults and seniors will find Alpha Omega brain teasers challenging (in the best way), and kids will be drawn to AlphaBear’s stunning graphics. Those looking for a game night with their friends should head straight to Words with Friends or Letterpress.

Best Easy Game Apps

These brain training games do more than relieve boredom. A 2019 study by Research UK found that people who regularly completed crossword puzzles and Sudoku puzzles performed faster on “a range of tasks that assess memory, attention and reasoning skills”. In fact, these word game programs

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Find some of our favorites with download links below. Most of them are free so you can try them out

Alphabear is where cute animals meet word strategies. A unique game that consists of creating words around bears. As players progress and collect points, they can decorate their ursin avatar with new clothes and accessories. With solid graphics and an engaging story, this family-friendly puzzle game is perfect for kids and parents to play together.

All you have to worry about is creating new words. The game is very simple. Each new round

Players are presented with a set of five letters; Complete more puzzles with each word you create.

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Fans with a wide vocabulary. Each circle starts with several letters. As each word is formed, more letters are collected. See how many words you can make before the tower reaches the top of the screen. The classic game from 2011 has been updated to create a new and improved version for 2020.

The creator of SpellTower is back with another great word-based game, described as “Anagrams match word searches and sprinkle crossword puzzles.” The game has over 100 free puzzles, with additional packs available for purchase. The goal is to slide the columns of letters up and down to form words in the main line. Challenge yourself with daily puzzles.

Blackbar is an innovative app that combines storytelling with word puzzles. The game revolves around a series of censored letters exchanged between friends. In order to reach the next chapter of the story, you will have to fill in the literal “black streak” of the letter.

An archive of puzzles since 1993, meaning you’ll never run out. If you’re running, start with the Mini Crossword.

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Whoever said word search was for kids never played and Word Search Pro was completely discontinued. If you find the hidden words too easy, change the difficulty level. Finally, those who want to stay awake can use the “dark mode” feature of this app.

It is one of the most popular multiplayer apps. Start with seven randomly placed tiles and see what you can build on the board…or off. The game’s chat function has become a favorite dating setting for some couples.

Like many other programs on this list, the essence of Word Cookies is to create words from a random set of letters. The main difference? Here the letters are made using (virtual) cookies. Fill the container with all the words you have created. Kids will enjoy the deliciousness of Word Cookies.

Think of Bonza as a new kind of crossword puzzle. Each puzzle is guided by different clues, such as “Compass” or “Button Items”. From there, players drag blocks of letters to form words that belong to that category. Will Shortz, editor

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Now Available: Vowels! This is your chance to replay your favorite game show on your phone with thousands of puzzles. Spin the wheel, solve puzzles, and impress your friends (or competitors from around the world).

For you. Players are required to write as many words as possible in each round – you guessed it! – four letters. When the time is up, check the dictionary to see the words you missed.

Like a crossword puzzle – but not. Each level consists of misspelled words. The goal is to rearrange the letters to solve the puzzle. Note: Alpha will be Omega

, a classic board game fit for the digital age. “Practice Mode” is a great option for those hoping to improve their word-finding strategy skills. Thanks to the app’s statistics tracking feature, you can measure your progress.

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Of course, if you miss the analog days, you can put down your phone for the classic game of Scrabble.

We’ll be honest: The main attraction of this relaxing word search is the background images of beautiful beaches from around the world. to store information submitted through this form.

If you have children, you may get frustrated when your child is distracted and needs to do certain tasks. However, instead of wasting their time on some trivia game, you can engage them in games that develop their cognitive and physical skills. Yes, they exist!

With this in mind, I have listed the best iPhone and iPad games for kids. I am sure you will love them.

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A child’s first five years contain some of their most important experiences. Cognitive abilities develop most rapidly at this age. So when you bring them into games, you want those games to help them grow.

Children’s games for 2, 3 and 4-year-old children help develop the ability to understand and follow instructions. From problem-solving skills to creative nuances, you’ll find games that cover almost every aspect of a child’s development.

The app uses cartoon characters to attract children’s attention. These characters interact with children based on their reactions to the game. It can be said that the characters lead the child by the hand through various games.

The Angry Birds franchise has been a huge hit since its release in 2009. Since then, it has been updated to take into account the rapid changes in existing technology. Now there is also an Augmented Reality version of this game!

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However, you will find that it is basically a puzzle game. In fact, this game improves hand-eye coordination along with logical thinking. So I recommend this game for ages 4+.

The graphics and audio of this game will keep kids engaged for a long time. Moreover, the levels keep increasing, thus adding more challenge to the game.

But this game is addictive. Parents should be aware of their children’s exposure levels.

LEGO remains a popular franchise among children and adults alike. Even decades ago, LEGO building blocks were used as a creative tool to develop children’s imaginations. Children are exposed to mobile phones from an early age, so LEGO DUPLO WORLD is a great choice for preschoolers to learn.

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The game is open in its experience and uses different strategies such as Number Train and Family Camp to teach children different skills. You’ll find logical thinking exercises and exercises that will spark your child’s creativity.

LEGO DUPLO WORLD is a good download. Fair warning – in-app purchases can be a bit pricey.

Reading is one of the most important habits. Unfortunately for us, this habit is dying out fast. If you want to get your child into the habit of reading, it’s better to start small.

Disney Story Realms features interactive stories based on the franchise’s most popular characters. These include Toy Story 4, Moana and fan favorite The Lion King. Plus, these interactive stories and kingdoms are constantly being added, so your child won’t get bored easily.

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However, most content is blocked by paywalls. To access more stories and worlds for you and your child, you need to become a paid member.

With so much technology for kids these days, it’s easy to get lazy. If you want your child to be active from an early age, Pokemon GO is a fair choice.

The game created a sensation and is still one of the best iPhone games. As an AR game, Pokemon GO requires you and your child to go on a journey to catch Pokemon in the wild.

This game uses augmented reality, so your child will focus on seeing 3D Pokemon on the phone screen. The game is simple but requires them to walk around and be active.

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This will help your child develop logical thinking as they will have to use strategies to catch Pokemon. Overall, Pokemon GO is a good package for kids ages 9 and up.


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