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Iphone Apps For Credit Cards – Over the past year, I’ve jumped deep into the world of credit card rewards, maximizing redemption values, earning points and cash back, and taking advantage of lucrative cloud bonuses. One of the apps I’ve used to learn more about all of this is CardPointers, an excellent app from indie developer Emmanuel Crouvisier.

I had the chance to talk with Crouvisier about CardPointers, iOS 16, what it’s like to be a full-time indie developer in 2022, and much more. Plus, an exclusive discount and offer

Iphone Apps For Credit Cards

Competition in the credit card industry has heated up over the past several years. Companies including American Express, Chase and Capital One have beefed up their offerings with great cloud bonuses, new redemption offers, lucrative finance and rewards categories, and much more.

The Anatomy Of A Credit Card Form

Speaking from experience, this can be overwhelming and confusing at first. It is easy to make mistakes; especially if card companies trick you into a redemption for low redemption values. CardPointers aims to help you navigate all of these situations.

When you open​​​​​​CardPointers for the first time, you will be ready to go through the process of adding your existing credit cards. During this process you can add the approved date, adjust bonus categories if necessary and view all available offers.

Entering the card’s approval date is especially important if the card has a welcome bonus or annual fee. CardPointers can help you track your welcome bonus progress and remind you when your annual fee is due.

The latter is especially important if you want to contact your card company and see if there are any deferment offers to offset the annual fee. (Meaning: There is usually, you just have to threaten to cancel/reduce your card first.)

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Once you have added your existing cards to CardPointers, you can click on the “Pointers” tab to see a breakdown of the best cards to use for different spending categories. These suggestions are based on the cards you already have. For example, if you have the Amex Gold Card, you will probably find that it is the best option for many groceries and shopping.

The “Dashboard” tab in the CardPointers app breaks down additional information about the cards you own. This includes a list of your cards, total annual fees, active offers, and more information about the best cards for different categories of spending.

Finally, the “Dashboard” also includes a collection of the best card offers for the month in terms of cloud bonuses. If you​​​​​​are looking to expand your credit card portfolio, this is a very handy tool for viewing cloud bonuses for some of the top cards out there.

One of my favorite aspects of CardPointers is the Safari extension. The Safari extension is available on iPhone, iPad and Mac. The main goal is to tell you the best credit card to use on a website to increase the money or points you get for a purchase. For example, if you book a hotel, the CardPointers extension will show you which of your cards offer the best rewards for that purchase.

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The best feature of the CardPointers extension for Safari is that it supports the ability to activate all your offers on the Chase and American Express website.

When you visit​​​​Chase or American Express, you will see a CardPointers notification asking you to enroll in your offers. Once you do, the offers will also be synced to your CardPointers account and included in all tips and hints.

CardPointers supports a number of different system versions of iOS, macOS and iPadOS. This includes things like App Clips, Sign in to Apple, Home Screen Widgets, Quick Note, Siri integrations, and more. A dedicated Apple Watch app is also available as apps for iPad and Mac.

You can get started with CardPointers through this link and get an exclusive 20% discount for being a reader.

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I had the opportunity to speak with the creator of CardPointers, Emmanuel Crouvisier, this week. One thing I’m particularly interested in is what you have planned for iOS 16 and Apple’s other new software releases coming this fall. Your Answer? Basically everything.

Crouvisier: On the first day of WWDC, I always thought I would have a few little things to add to my app to make it feel new, but by the time I finished watching all the hands-on session videos, I had said . have a to-do list of 100+ things. This year is no different.

Earlier this year, Crouvisier made the decision to quit his part-time job at a startup and focus full-time on CardPointers. With the broader issue of recent App Store changes, I asked you how your first six months of being a full-time indie went.

Crouvisier: I think that is the best decision I have ever made for myself! I’ve been working on CardPointers since 2019, and almost the whole time I’ve also been working at a startup, which means ~16 hour workdays, sacrificing sleep to have time to work, no evenings or weekends to relax, and I hit definitely some unhealthy sleep times, especially the late summer in preparation for the iOS release dates each year.

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Since I left the startup job and I was able to focus only on CardPointers, practically everything in my life has improved: I sleep well every day, I’m a workaholic in the evenings and weekends (I’m still a bit of a workaholic), and CardPointersis does it better than ever – my first 2 months focused only on business I tripled my income in 2 months by focusing on app marketing and expansion and growing the business, instead of just improving the app.

Apple’s Small Business Plan has been great for saving 15% on store sales, but I’ve seen many benefits in taking web payments through Stripe and RevenueCat to save even more, and still stay under the maximum business income limit. A little too long. . From a consumer perspective, nothing beats the convenience of in-app purchases, plus the discount of Apple Pay via a web payment. The two together work fantastically well to cover all types of users.

Finally, given his invaluable knowledge and understanding of the credit card industry and its rewards, I asked Emmanuel for his thoughts on the Apple Card. Your advice? You’re probably better off with another card.

Crouvisier: There are many more benefits to a good rewards card, such as the Chase Freedom, Sapphire Preferred, Citi Premier, or Amex Goldcard. With those cards, you can earn points that you can transfer to flights and hotels to get much more value from the points you earn – and their points total for many categories is also higher than AppleCard.

Credit Card Reader

With AppleCard, the most you can get is 3% back on your purchase, although with the cards I mentioned, you can get 5x back on points on some categories like restaurants, gas stations, etc., and those places are still worth more than you can buy them for something like a class seat in Europe.

If someone spends $10,000 on their AppleCard in a year, they get a maximum of $300 back, while the same $10,000 spent on a good game card can get them 50,000 points, and those points can be worth it. 4c or more with correct redemption. , which means the actual amount will be $2,000. Literally 7x more value from using a good rewards card, and that’s what CardPointers helps users do – earn more from every purchase by paying with the right card.

Even if you just want to focus on cash back, other cards can earn the same cash back as AppleCardon, especially affiliates and merchants. I would like to see AppleCard continue to improve their financial departments, and more and more banks do direct transactions with specific merchants as a form of advertising, so I think we will see more of that across all cards as a new source of revenue for them .

CardPointers is available as a free download, with an in-app subscription available to unlock CardPointers Pro features.

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Readers can save 20% on CardPointers Pro annual and lifetime plans. In fact, if you upgrade to a lifetime plan using this link, you’ll also get a $100 Savings Card that makes the upgrade free.

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