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With the development of e-books and digital libraries, you can keep an entire library of book collections at your fingertips. If you are a book lover like me, there is no limit to what you can read on your iPhone. From downloading the best novels, comics and fantasy to saving your collections offline, these iOS apps have you covered. Keep reading to find out what works best for you.

Iphone Apps To Read Books

Bring your Amazon Kindle to your iPhone by installing the app from the App Store instead. If you’ve ever seen or used any of these devices, you’ll agree that it’s one of the best ways to access eBooks. This can also be a good alternative if you ever lose your Kindle.

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The Amazon Kindle app syncs all your Amazon book collections with the app as soon as you sign up. This feature ensures that you never lose track of your reading progress, as you can continue reading a book from where you left off on any device.

Have you ever bought a book from Amazon? Do not worry! This application uses a collection of millions of books. So you can buy and read whatever you want. The app offers many types of books ranging from magazines and comics to many other genres.

Plus, you can also track your reading progress, which helps you stay motivated. However, the app adapts to the actual page turning pattern. I am sure you will love it. You may want to use the text-to-speech feature if you can’t read or are too nervous to do so.

Whether you want to sync your Amazon Kindle books or read online with your friends, Goodreads offers you the best platform to do it. The app immerses itself in a community of readers interested in reading books in different genres. In fact, most of the listings you see in the app are the result of member reviews and recommendations.

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The Goodreads app offers a lot of values ​​despite being free. To beat many other apps, this app allows users to rate books so you know if the book is worth reading or not. In addition, you can rate a book based on the reviews of other members on the platform.

What’s cool is the book scanning feature! It allows you to scan the barcode of a book from a store or library and see the reviews in the app before purchasing it. Plus, you can make friends with like-minded people, follow other authors and readers, and even interact with them through comments.

Like physical libraries, books are on the shelves at Goodreads. Assigning books to these shelves is as simple as clicking a book and indicating whether you are reading, about to read, or finished reading. You can also create new shelves and add multiple books.

I absolutely love the shelving system at Goodreads. Provides a better way to organize your book collection. Plus, what’s even more awesome is the Year in Books feature that gives you insight into your reading style all year round. Yes, you can set and track a reading goal!

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Do you want to read books from different national or local libraries? Libby does an excellent job of bringing your chosen books to your iPhone by connecting you to the digital catalogs of libraries around the world. The app also has a library finder to find nearby libraries. Using the app is as easy as choosing a library from the integrated map or searching for a library using the search bar.

Once the app finds a library, it connects you to the catalog. You can view the books included in the library, read samples, and continue borrowing here.

However, Libby requires you to have a library card to borrow books from the library. And if you don’t have a library card, it can help to create one right away, provided the affiliated library allows an online subscription. Libby has many features and lets you connect to your Amazon Kindle collections.

What sets the concepts apart, however, is that you can borrow books from libraries over a period of time and read them at any time.

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That said, Libby will naturally sync with whatever library you connect to. Essentially, it features an audio player and an easy-to-use e-book reader. You can also decrease or increase the audio speed between 0.6 and 3.0 times the actual playback speed when playing an audiobook.

Ultimately, you can connect to as many libraries as you want; All you need to do after that is switch from one to the other depending on your reading needs. For more ideas, take a look at our review of Libby by Overdrive.

Wattpad has a different style as it allows you to read whatever you want and even write your stories. Whether you’re a writer or a reader or both, Wattpad has what it takes to give you the best.

The app prompts you to choose up to three types of books when you first open it. It then uses your choices to customize the books your way when you browse the app. Also of note is the text-to-speech feature, which is an alternative to reading. You can also easily create a reading list to keep track of which books you read at any time.

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The app is free, but you may need a premium subscription to access and read some books. In addition, the premium plan allows you to use the app without any ads. Besides, there are many categories of books in the app and you can add books to read offline.

In addition, Wattpad also has tools and resources to help you write your stories from start to publication. You may want to take advantage of it as a writer. Plus, people who follow you on the app can read your stories. You can build an audience for your story type before you know it.

Like many regular book apps, NovelFull lets you read whatever you want. However, the app contains a collection of novels of various genres ranging from fiction to non-fiction and many more.

You can also see ratings for each book in the app to decide if it’s worth reading or not. However, if that’s not enough, you can click on a novel to see a summary of the book you want to read. The app is updated with new books that come out daily. So you can rest assured that you will get very few new novels per week.

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There are more than 20 types on NovelFull and you can download them to your offline shelf to read them later. The app is very neat, apart from the occasional intrusive ads. However, you may lose those who have a subscription.

Also, NovelFull’s book reader is one of the features it sells. You can switch fonts, change the background color, and increase or decrease line spacing and margins. And if the lighting is too dim or too bright, you can adjust that too. There is also a progress count below the reader to see how much of the novel you have read. You can roll this back and forth to jump pages.

Want to read reviews before reading a book? Inkitt gives you that payout. Well, there is more you can get from the rich book collection. Reading a book on Inkitt is as easy as clicking on the title. You can even download books from hashtags.

Like many of its kind, it features several book genres. But what’s interesting is the reader community that rates books based on quality and delivery on the platform.

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There is also a notification program that notifies you when there is a new book in the app. So you may want to enable it to track books as they publish Inkitt. However, like Wattpad, Inkitt offers writing software for readers. You may want to start writing to build your audience.

Inket stands out in this; You can write short posts on your timeline to keep your followers page engaged. And you can get rewards in badges based on your contributions and participation. I thought Inkitt would cost readers a fortune to use the app when I started out, but I was thrilled to discover that it’s free, despite the value it offers.

Have you been looking for a books app that lets you download books from your local storage? The serial reader is convenient for the task. You can upload books and keep them on a personal shelf in the app. This way you can keep your books in one piece. However, keep in mind that the app only supports EPUB files.

The app is largely free. But you may want to get the premium if you want more advanced features like unlimited book downloads. In addition, Serial Reader helps you convert your reading culture into daily portions and inform you about what to read on a daily basis.

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Most interestingly, it affects your reading habit by allowing you to choose a specific time to send your daily readings. You can browse books based on genres in the app. You can subscribe to it as you go.

Then the app sends you daily measurements of

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