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Huntington Bank Customer Service – According to customers, the recent transition to transferring TCF Bank customers to the Huntington Bank system in October.

Individuals and other small business customers expressed frustration that they couldn’t get to grips with their online banking services days after they said everything was supposed to be working. They complained that they could not pay their bills online as usual and could not access their online banking.

Huntington Bank Customer Service

Faced with confusing phone service, many felt the need to go to bank branches, including in Grosse Pointe Woods, Royal Oak and elsewhere.

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Ken Suwinski, 78, of Berkeley, said he’s been visiting the old TCF Bank branch on Crooks Road in Royal Oak every day for the past week and a half — every day and twice Thursday — to try to fix the problems that followed. migrating to shiftTCF clients to log into the Huntington system.

She was repeatedly unable to access her bank accounts online, had trouble paying bills and was unable to use her debit card.

“It’s a complete mess,” Suwinski told me outside the office Thursday. “And I doubt it will be fixed tomorrow.”

Another concern: Due to a change in Huntington’s system, he says, the list of companies and people he regularly pays online has recently disappeared.

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Another problem: The bank card he got home from the bank Thursday morning didn’t work when he tried to pay for gas for his wife’s car that same day. He can use it as a credit card but not a debit card.

Suwinski doesn’t use cash, only pays for things with a debit card, so it’s a bad situation for everyone. He received money from the seller to cover the inability to use the card.

He said the problem now is that the bank has changed the PIN but he wants to keep the same PIN and they will try to fix it.

“I’ve never seen a bank as bad as this in my life,” he said. “I had it with Huntington Bank.”

Huntington National Bank

A woman who visited the Royal Oak and Crooks Road branch on Thursday declined to give her name but said she had received three debit cards so far and had done nothing since the merger. it will work out somehow in the end.

It is not new to hear about bank merger problems. But it’s frustrating when consumers, who are dealing with so many other problems in their lives, suddenly have to focus their efforts on fixing their bank account. in 2017 In the early 2000s, Huntington Bank received a number of similar complaints about credit cards and online banking after its merger with FirstMerit Bank.

“The debit card issue affected less than 1% of TCF customers between Friday evening, October 8 and Saturday morning, October 9, and was resolved that afternoon,” according to an email from CEO Randi Berris. external communications. for Huntington National Bank.

He said: “Our systems are still operational throughout the transition period. Unfortunately, some customers have experienced problems and many have called our customer service centers for further assistance. We know our customers’ time is valuable, and we’ve worked hard to resolve any issues quickly.

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Burris said all TCF Bank branches and systems have been moved to Huntington. He noted that branches are opening on schedule like Huntington in October. 12.

Huntington announced 188 branch closings or mergers due to branch mergers. The bank said on Thursday that 106 branches had closed, with the final 82 closing by October 27.

The only remaining business unit under the TCF name is Inventory Finance, which is part of the commercial bank. This change will be completed in 2022.

He even bought cookies from the local Meijer and, whenever things went well, delivered them to his branch to the people who worked there.

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He realized how stressed things were for them. And he thanked the department’s employees who contributed to solving the problem.

The deal between Huntington and TCF, first announced in 2020. in December, officially completed in June and began the rebranding of TCF to Huntington Bancshares.

In June, it was announced that TCF customer accounts would be migrated to the Huntington system in the fourth quarter.

The new Huntington will have two headquarters: a headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, and a commercial banking headquarters in Detroit in a new 20-story tower under construction.

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Newspapers seem to explain things well, he said, such as telling customers that as of Oct. 4. they will need to temporarily stop paying their internet bills. as part of the transition period. Accounts will be offline starting October 8th.

“I was actually in the system for five minutes, but those five minutes flew by,” said Bond, who is director of instructional development for Central Michigan University’s Office of Curriculum and Instructional Support.

The father-of-three spent the next two days trying to resolve the escalating bank problem.

Like other disgruntled TCF customers, Bond said he tried calling the bank’s helpline number. At one point he stood still for over an hour.

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And finally, when he ended up talking to a live person twice, nothing was resolved either.

He received advice such as trying a different web browser or trying to log in later in the evening. It appeared that too many people were trying to log into the system at the same time.

But Bond, who used to work in IT, knew that such advice is often given but useless when solving a big problem. He joked that he had used those lines himself in the past. He tried those tricks, just in case, but nothing.

He finally went to his branch in October. 14 – where he saw many other frustrated customers experiencing problems.

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First, the bank employees tried to follow the same steps on the bank’s computers that he did at home. There is nothing. A branch manager later opened a ticket and said something could be resolved in “20 minutes to three business days.”

There, he said he would be patient for now, but if he couldn’t use internet banking after waiting, he would have to withdraw the money later and leave for nothing. He will give them by October. 19 if necessary.

Apparently the difficulty was that he had not been able to use his online account to pay his bills since October 4th. or 10 days. Most of the delays were reported and planned for, but then failed to transition to the new system. no.

He eventually found a way to pay some of his bills later, such as accessing online help and using his checking account information to pay directly online. But dealing with every debt this way isn’t as easy as paying your bills through an online bank account.

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Bond, who started as a buyer for the Old Kent Bank decades ago, has seen more than a few mergers and acquisitions on his way to the Huntington business.

Contact Susan Tompor at [email protected] Follow him on Twitter @tompor. To sign up, go to /specialoffer. Read more about the business and sign up for our business newsletter.GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Each of Meijer Inc.’s 100 stores. Michigan is getting a Huntington Bank branch that will open seven days a week with extended hours, the bank and retailer announced today.

The 10-year deal will increase the number of Huntington Bank branches in Michigan to nearly 200 and create 500 new jobs, said Jim Dunlap, director of regional and commercial banking for Huntington Bank.

Dunlap was scheduled to make the announcement this morning at the Meijer store at 1540 28th Street SE along with Meijer President Mark Murray and Steelcase Inc. CEO James Hackett, whose Grand Rapids office equipment company will design the branches.

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“We’re going into a lot of markets where we don’t currently have brick-and-mortar locations,” Dunlap said. In some cases, bank charges currently available at Meijer stores will be waived.

The deal brings new markets to Huntington Bank in Lansing, Ann Arbor, Flint, Jackson, Battle Creek, Gaylord and Cadillac.

Dunlap declined to say whether other individual Huntington Bank branches will close as a result of the Meijer store branches. “The best marketers cast their nets all the time, and so do we,” he said.

The new Meijer store branches will offer a wide range of services and will be open seven days a week: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. until 20:00; Saturdays, 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.; and Sunday, 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., a total of 75 hours per week, bank representatives said.

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Bank officials said they will conduct about 20 transactions this year. first

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