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Best College Application Apps – This year is almost over, and after a long time online, I’ve rounded up some of the best apps for college students. School can be tough, especially when it comes to just videos or Zoom. Fortunately, there are tons of apps that can help you maximize the time you spend online, as well as your productivity.

This is the best task and organization app. You can add different types of workspaces that will replace other apps you use, like Trello or Evernote. Best of all, students can access the premium version for free using a university email (.edu). It also allows you to embed different applications in your workspace, such as:

Best College Application Apps

You can also add images, videos, audio, other files, and code snippets. It can be a bit tricky to navigate, but once you understand how to use Notion, you’ll be able to maximize this app for your classes, internships, and projects. You can create boards, whiteboards, galleries, lists, calendars, timelines, charts, bulleted lists, and to-do lists in your workspace. If you decide to create group projects here, you can even share with 5 other people.

College Consulting & Admissions Assistance

There are so many things you can do with Notion. It is an all-in-one app that can help you organize your entire academic life. Whether you just need to read and write notes or analyze data, Notion is one of the best apps for students.

Whether you have an iPhone or Android, Google Photos is a very useful app for students. It will back up your camera roll indefinitely, or you can edit the settings for manual backups. With Google Photos you get free unlimited storage, but that will change in the future. On June 1, 2021, you’ll be limited to 15GB of storage, but anything you’ve uploaded before that won’t count toward that limit.

Google Photos also allows you to search through your photos, which is why it makes the list of the best apps for students. You can search by date, place or enter what you are looking for. If you want to see all the cat images you have stored, you can type cat and Google will show you all the images it recognizes as cats. The app also recognizes people, which means you can name them and Google will suggest photos of that person to include in your folder. This makes organizing and searching a breeze in the app. I highly recommend everyone to download this app as it can help with storage issues on any phone.

I’ve recommended this app before, how to take notes on an iPad, but for note taking I love Notability. You can change the paper style, write or write with a pen/pen on the tablet. You can create notes from scratch and organize them however you like, or you can upload PDFs and other documents to the app.

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Even if you need a place to import textbooks to read, Notability is great. You can comment on the notes your teachers have provided or any textbook/reading. There are also many different virtual paper options available. You can choose between different types of lined, graph or dotted paper. Therefore, math and economics class work, such as data analysis, can be done directly in the app.

It’s also great for electronically signing documents that require a signature. You can upload the document and write or write your signature and then send it directly from Notability.

Notability also allows you to add themes and dividers to your notes. You can organize them by classes and further organize them within the classes you add. For example, you can create a topic for a math class and a dividing line that separates your homework within the topic.

For finances, Mint is a fantastic tool. You can link your bank accounts, credit cards, PayPal, online invoices and offline invoices in the app. This will allow you to keep track of your bills and when they are due, as well as set financial goals to save. Mint is customizable, allowing you to enter budgets by expense category per month.

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With Mint, you can analyze and track all of your spending so you can better understand how to budget. You can even add apps like Robinhood to track your investments.

Another great feature of this app is that it shows your credit score for free. It is based on the TransUnion Vantage Score credit score, which is updated frequently. You want to know what specifically affects your credit score; the age of your credit, total bills, credit inquiries, and derogatory marks.

It’s important to remember that these are soft credit checks, so checking through the Mint app will not affect your credit score. This can be a great resource for students who are just starting to build credit and learn more about finances. Mint helps you stay up to date on all purchases and any overspending. Other features include:

They can all help you in different aspects of your life, be it task management or finances. By using these apps, you can help make your life a little easier. Each offers a way to organize one side of your life in a single app.

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On a side note, some exciting news for . I was featured in a list of the top 90 student bloggers on Feedspot!

Celeste Lili is a student + lifestyle blogger and SEO/content marketer. She loves writing blog posts that provide value to college and high school students on productivity and lifestyle. The most popular list of the best apps for students has been updated for the 2022-2023 academic year.

All these applications are free. If you find an app that asks for money to unlock basic features, please contact us or leave a comment below.

I advise you not to scroll down and download all the apps on this list. Instead, try using the table of contents to jump to the section that interests you.

Application Guide For Transfer Students

Note: The list of free apps for students is compatible with iPhones, iPads, iPads Pros, Macs, and MacBooks.

However, if you click on a link via a computer, it will take you to the “iPad” or “Mac” version of the app. Use a phone if you want a link to the phone version of the app. This also applies to Android and Windows devices.

We all know what spark notes are. This is an alternative app to Sparknotes so you don’t have to rely on a browser, which makes it much easier to navigate and find your literature. It has mostly the same content you find on Sparknotes: book summaries, article summaries, literature guides, etc. If there is no iPhone version of this app, try downloading Sparknotes instead. Another option is Cliff Notes. Some of these will be very useful, definitely one of the best free apps for college students.

1. You can save articles to read later in offline mode. 2. The highlighted words will appear in a small toolbox with the definition so you don’t have to go to another article. 3. You can organize all the articles you want to read in folders. 4. No ads.

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This is probably the second best free app for students. I want to download this and the eNotes in this section. The next two can be nice additions, but they can be a waste of time.

This is an app that makes good use of Google search. If you enter a question or topic, it will use artificial intelligence technology to find the best answers based on Google search results. You will then submit the response with visual guides, in a colorful and well-organized format. It’s a much better option than using Google search. So use it before you start searching for answers on Google.

There is a subscription to this app which is quite expensive but you don’t need to buy it to make good use of the app. You can find hundreds of questions and answers from other students here. You can also get answers, if you post a question, from other users without paying a subscription.

This is the only app left that has 100% free online courses. Developed by MIT and Harvard, its sole focus is academic learning. Similarly, you can find pretty much any subject you find in college. What’s nice about this app over the others is that it tries to mimic real university learning, there are forums for discussions, questions, and even “virtual” labs where you can practice what you’ve learned. Of course there are exams, but they are optional.

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This is the best free app for students who want to find alternative lectures (besides YouTube). I would choose to download this from this section first and try the others if you can’t find the lecture or lessons you are looking for.

There are several apps that offer free courses and video tutorials on all topics. I am going to recommend this one first because it costs ZERO

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